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Nail Stickers for an Easy Manicure

When it comes to manicures, we know it's super difficult to do them yourself (without smudging them at the last minute) and can get expensive with each visit to the nail salon. Don't worry, we have the perfect solution: nail stickers! They’re fun, easy to apply, and you can get so much more creative with choice of designs.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite nail sticker sets below, all easily shopped with MyUS Shopping’s easy one-cart checkout.

12 Sheets of Designer Nail Decals $9.99

Twelve Alice & Tiggs Sheets of Designer Nail Decals sporting butterflies, flowers, animals, hearts, unicorns and rainbows

Why settle for one sheet of decals when you can have multiple with this twelve sheet set from Alice & Tiggs. Plan out which decals you want to wear for the week from flowers and hearts to butterflies and rainbows. There are plenty of nail stickers to share with friends and family for any occasion. 

“These are the most perfect nail stickers! There's a perfect variety of styles so you don't need to buy a bunch of different packs. I would highly recommend buying these.” Kristen Roberts says in her online review.

Artips Nail Sticker Kit $7

Ten pairs of isa colored Artips Nail Stickers with a mini file

If you are looking for nail decals that are simple, yet distinct, these Artips Nail Stickers do the trick! Featuring a  beige and red design, they match well with any outfit and any season. You’ll have these super stylish stickers on in no time and be ready to go out!

“I bought these strips because the designs were so cute and different. I followed all the directions to a tee and they lasted pretty long for me!” states CC4152.

Constellation Nail Decals $4+

Hand with dark blue Tatooary Constellation Nail Decals on fingernails with gold star constellation art

Bring your nail art to a new level with these Constellation Nail Art decals. Just paint on a good coat of dark nail polish, let dry, and add these delicate gold constellations against the "sky" on your nails! The metallic shine of each little star and squiggle will sparkle as you go about your daily activities. They make the perfect nail decoration for star gazers and nail art enthusiasts.

“So pretty!!! These little gold constellations are super easy to put on and actually last. I'm so glad I bought multiple sheets of them.” Katie Rainford raves.

Base Coat Nail Art Set $25

A Base Cart Nail Art Set with three sheets that featured Sacred G, Astro Signs, and Alphabet with a white and pink cuticle pusher

Personalize your manicure in the comfort of your home with this Nail Art Set. This three sheet set allows you to show off your initials and astrological sign on each nail. You can align the stickers to the right position with the included decal applicator!

Delilah Thea Gel Nail Strips $7

A set of beige and black Delilah Thea Gel Nail Strips in white box with the word Artips in black letters

If you love abstract and delicate nail art, then you’ll want to sport these Delilah Gel Nail Strips. With black gel polish and white glossy lines, these exclusive decals provide a shiny finish that lasts a full week! It will look like you went to a professional salon!  

“I had so many people ask me about this set and gave me so many compliments. It's kind of tricky in the beginning but I got the hang of it after awhile.” susannali comments.

Ciaté London The Cheat Sheets Nail Stickers $18

Four Ciate London The Cheat Sheets Nail Stickers sheets with pastel leopard spots, abstract illustrations, geometric shapes, and evil eyes

Transform fingernails into an art gallery with these Ciate London Cheat Sheets. Mix and match your favorite designs from safari leopard spots and geometric shapes to evil eyes and abstract illustrations for an artistic style. You’ll get an instant, yet intricate manicure without sacrificing time or money.  

“It's the second time I buy the cheat sheets, I love them so much. Really great designs, many combinations possible and easy to use. Will buy again and again” states Emillie Cloos.

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