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Save More Closet Space With These Awesome Storage Options

When it comes to house cleaning, we dread wrinkled clothes, misplaced jewelry, and piles of shoes. If you desire a closet makeover, we assembled the best storage items for you below!

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Vacuum Storage Bags $12.15

A stack of three Honey Can Do Large Vacuum Bags containing various shirts, pillowcases, and bedsheets

Save space in your closet and drawers with these Vacuum Storage Bags. Fill them up with your favorite shirts, pants, sheets, and pillowcases, and watch your whole collection shrink to just a couple of bags. They’re the go-to storage item for small apartments, limited closet areas, and long-stay vacations.

Broom and Mop Grippers $11.48

A pair of two Command Broom and Mop Grippers inside red and green cardboard packaging

Are you tired of cleaning supplies cluttering your closet? With these Broom and Mop Grippers, you can have easily store and access your items for a quick cleanup. The adhesive grips stick to any surface such as wood, paint, and tile without leaving marks and scratches. If you don’t like your mops and rakes falling over when you open the door, these grippers will keep them in place.

Door Shoe Rack $24.97

A white Whitmor Over-The-Door Shoe Rack Storage Organizer

This Door Shoe Rack Organizer has enough slots to fill thirty-six pairs of shoes. It features a heavy-duty white resin construction and study-hanging hooks that hold all types of footwear from flats to sneakers without weighing your door down. Place it in your closet and save floor space or give it to a friend who has one too many pairs of shoes.

Watch Organizer Case $29.50

A grey and white NEX Double Layer Watch Organizer Case with Jewel Tray Drawer holding a watch, sunglasses, rings, and two bracelets

Protect luxury watches, valuable jewelry, and other small essential items in this NEX Double Layer Organizer. The see-through lid allows you to view your items from a distance, and the artificial leather interior prevents scratching and dust buildup. This container is a must-have for storing valuable accessories without taking up room.

Shoe Rack Storage Bench $52.77

A Grey Simplify Double Bench and Shoe Rack Storage containing eight pairs of shoes

Sit, store, and try on shoes in the comfort of your home with this Bench and Shoe Rack set from Simplify. The rack stores up to eight pairs of shoes, and the ottoman bench provides a comfortable sitting area and modern look. Add this multifunctional furniture to your bedroom, living room, or entryway for easy access to your favorite shoes.

Heavy Duty Felt Hangers $42.99

A set of fifty pink Elama Velvet Slim Profile Heavy Duty Felt Hangers with Stainless Steel Swivel Hooks

These Heavy Duty Felt Hangers provide strong and presentable clothing storage. Your favorite dresses, shirts, sweaters, and skirts rest nicely on the hangers’ non-slip velvet material. The contour also prevents all types of clothing from sagging, tearing, shedding, and slipping. With premium ABS plastic and stainless steel, these hangers hold their shape against heavier clothes.

Rolling Shoe Rack $44.88

A black Mainstays 10-Tier Rolling Shoe Rack 

Keep track of all of your shoes with this Rolling Shoe Rack from Mainstays. It has ten tiers of storage space, which is enough for your collection without taking overwhelming the storage room or living room. When in doubt, roll it away for easy reorganization. Not only does it have room, but also, you can use this rack to prioritize shoes based on preference, usage, and style. Fill up all shelves with your favorite footwear or assign a few spots for family members to use.

Table Top Necklace Holder $20

A white and silver Umbra Trigem Three-Tier Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Are you tired of untangling necklaces and looking for the right piece of jewelry? Save time and find the right items quickly with this Three-Tier Necklace Holder. The three bars have enough space to spread out all types of jewelry such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. It’ll organize your valuables and make them look presentable for guests.

Axis Scarf Holder $11.42

A black InterDesign Axis Scarf Holder with several scarves inside the loops

Improve your organization skills with this Axis Scarf Holder from InterDesign. It has eighteen compartments, which is enough for you and your guests during gatherings and parties. The holder’s continuous loop design offers a stylish and modern look to any home without sacrificing closet space.

Classico Over-The-Door Rack $12.99

A Mainstays Classico Over-The-Door Six Hook Rack holding a white fleece jacket and a leather purse next to a nightstand

Hold your essential items at the ready with this Classico Six-Hook Rack. It’s strong enough to hold backpacks, purses, heavy jackets, and more for quick, easy access. Not only is it easy to mount and remove, but also, it helps you prioritize which items you need to get ready for the day. 

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