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Journals to Track Your Thoughts, Days, or Doodles

Journaling is great way to write down your thoughts, let your imagination take over for a moment, and jot down memories. You can also use a journal to tackle "adulting" things like budget, track your assignments, or even meal planning!

Take a look at the variety of journals we think are cool and if you find one or more that suits your purpose, you'll know you can count on MyUS Shopping to deliver your new diary worldwide!

The Book of Me Autobiographical Journal $13.49 

Light blue Peter Pauper Press The Book of Me 2nd Edition Autobiographical Journal with a yellow spine and circle

When it comes to a diary, it’s usually for your eyes only. People will get the idea when you brandish this Autobiographical Journal with "The Book of Me" on the cover! Jot down all your ideas, thoughts, and doodles throughout 192 pages. If you want to keep writing, this journal will motivate you to do so!

Hiking Logbook $6.99

A white and blue Travel size Hiking Journal with a black spine and watercolor mountains

Whether you are hiking, camping, or taking a stroll around the park, document your adventures with this Hiking Logbook  With motivational messages, you'll get through almost any obstacle that's in your way. If you have writer’s block, there are additional writing prompts that will inspire you.

Kid Made Modern Journal Kit $19.99

Cardboard box for Kid Made Modern Journal Kit containing stickers, multicolor tape rolls, and markers

Introduce children to expressing their thoughts on paper with this Kid Made Modern Journal Kit. Children can customize, decorate, and personalize their own journal with holographic stickers, glitter tape, and multicolor pens. There are over 250 blank pages that serve as an outlet for creativity and writing practice.

Johanna Basford's Enchanted Forest Journal $15.76

Black and white forest themed Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest Journal with a black spine, yellow leaves, and a yellow deer

With thick ivory pages, over 70 small images, and a creative hardcover, this Enchanted Forest Journal is perfect for day dreamers, fantasy enthusiasts, artists, and writers. Take notes, color the images, and create to-do lists. Use the attached ribbon bookmark to keep track of your page.

Do One Thing Every Day Together Journal $11.66 USD

Teal Do One Thing Every Day Together: A Journal for Two

This Do One Thing Everyday Together Journal is the largest journal that two people can use together. With 368 pages, you can share it with your best friend or significant other as a creative way to communicate or plan together. Fill it up with memories, responses to prompts, promises, lists, drawings, and much more!

SZCO Supplies Tree of Life Journal $15.90

A embossed brown leather SZCO Supplies Tree of Life Journal with a red fastening string

With an embossed brown leather hardcover and a tree of life carving, this Tree of Life Journal offers a unique look and feel compared to standard journals. Connect all your ideas, thoughts, drawings, and records within the numerous pages and secure it with the red fastening string. It’s the ideal journal that stands out in a collection of books.

Strathmore Soft Cover Watercolor Travel Art Journal $16.87

20-page Strathmore Soft Cover Watercolor Travel Art Journal 500 Series with a blue fastening strap

Looking for an outlet for your creative passion? This 20-page Art Journal satisfies aspiring artists and travelers alike. As you come across new inspiring locations and landmarks, take some time to sketch and paint in your memories for a DIY souvenir!

Wonder Woman Hardcover Ruled Journal $7.90

Wonder Woman Hardcover Ruled Hardcover Journal with silver lines, a silver Wonder Woman logo, red stars, and a blue thick stripe

Combine your love for journaling and comic books with this fun and immersive Wonder Woman Journal. Write away and learn more about the iconic superhero in an interactive story throughout the pages that captures your attention.

Your Diary - Sparkly Lock & Keys Journal Activities $10.58

A pink Your Diary with a dark pink spine, doodles of hearts, scribbles, pencils, and flowers with a plastic covered pink lock

Filled with vibrant illustrations and interactive prompts, the Your Diary Lock & Key Journal will keep children entertained and engaged. After they are done, secure the diary from prying eyes with the included lock and key.

Gratitude: A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal $14.99

Tyndale Coloring Journal with the words “Gratitude: A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal” and flowers and leaves

Feeling overwhelmed and looking for some guidance on how to refocus? The Gratitude Coloring Journal from Tyndale will help you express your concerns and allow you to free yourself by using gratitude. Reduce stress with this coloring book combo whenever you need a moment to gather your thoughts.

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