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Celebrate the Holidays with Your Pets

The holidays are around the corner and it's time to stock up on all the gifts your little (or big) furry, feathery, scale-y, friend deserves!

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Starbarks Coffee Cup Toy $11.77

A white and brown Fluff Club Dog Starbarks Personalized Coffee Cup Dog Toy

Are you tired of pets knocking over cups and spilling coffee on the floor? Help them indulge with their own Pupkin Spice Latte Toy. It looks just like the real thing but without the mess. Customize your dog’s toy by adding its name to the cup. 

Taylor Plaster writes, “My dog Murphy loves his new toy! The quality is great, and he loves to squeak it.

Rugged Quilted Dog Blanket $59.95

A burlap checkered Rugged Quilted Dog Blanket

Give them an extra layer of warmth during chilly days with this Rugged Quilted Pet Blanket. Choose between three colors to cover sofas, beds, chairs, car seats, and rugs

The quilted blanket is soft and cushioning for my dog and protects our couch. We love the quality and durability.” Shappy says. 

Ambush Interactive Cat Toy $24.95

A white Pet Fusion Ambush Electronic Interactive Cat Toy with a pink, yellow, and blue rotating feather

Captivate and stimulate your cat’s desires to hunt with this Ambush Interactive Cat Toy. It features multiple levels of play to entertain and engage your cat for hours. The pop-out feather keeps your cats on their toes and gives them the exercise they need daily. 

This toy absolutely fascinates my cats. They come and beg for it to be turned on. I also appreciate that extra batteries and a replacement feather item come with the product. It is well made, neat, clever.” states Kathryn M. Young.

Catnip Sushi Toy $10.83

A plate full of twelve FelineFun Catnip Sushi Toy in the form of tuna, shrimp, salmon, and egg sushi

Pets love to take our food from the table while we aren’t looking. This Catnip Sushi Toy distracts curious cats while you dine with friends and family. They make the perfect stocking stuffers and small gifts for your favorite cat. 

Faith comments, “My cat absolutely loves these! They're very sturdy, hold up to all kinds of play, and beyond adorable.

Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box $159.99

A brown and grey cat on top of a white and purple ScoopFree Original Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

When they do the doo, make it pleasant and enjoyable for all! This Automatic Cat Litter Box will keep their restroom experience positive so they'll continue to use it. The blue crystals in the disposable tray are five times more effective at odor reduction and the rake removes waste into a secure trap. 

We are very happy with this litter box. It is easy to set up. Works great and does not smell.” Heather writes. 

Cable Knitted Sweater $15.99

A beige French Bulldog wearing a red Frisco Cat and Dog Cable Knitted Sweater

Winter is approaching and it’s time to bundle up your pets. This Cable Knitted Sweater keeps cats and dogs warm. It's can also be a great dress-up option for a family photoshoot!

Babymom says, “My little guy is so handsome in this sweater, and he loves it! Well made and very soft.

Treat Dispenser Ball $14.95

A white and blue Pet Zone IQ Treat Dispenser Ball Toy

This Treat Dispenser Ball challenges pets to earn their treats through play. Fill the ball up with their favorite snacks and watch your pets exercise and play. This toy engages your dog physically and mentally to combat boredom and anxiety. 

Rocketbaby23 says, “I absolutely love this, and so does my dog Winnie! It didn’t take her long to figure out how it works! Definitely recommend!

Goody Box Kitten Toys & Treats $35

A purple Good Box Kitten Toys & Treats featuring four mouse toys, collars, flowers, umbrellas, clouds, treat bags, and Cat Tracks

Looking to go all out for your pet? This Kitten Toys & Treats Goody Box comes with all the essentials and more for cats, including treats, mouse toys, and a cat track. 

Our kitten (Earl) loved all of it!..well, the collar will take some getting used to :) toys are of great quality, and he loves playing with all of them!” EarlGrey writes in their five-star review. 

Kaytee Plush Small Animal Bed $18.99

A purple and grey 10-inch Kaytee Cuddle-E-Cup Plush Animal Bed

This Plush Small Animal Bed is the best gift for mice, hamsters, bunnies, and guinea pigs. The polyester material and foam padding provide a long-lasting cozy comfortable experience. Adjust the straps for a secure position anywhere in their cage. 

“We love this cuddle cup for getting our guinea pigs easily in and out of the cage and holding them on our lap without having to worry about being potties on! It really is a must-have. Washes up great. Biscuit 10 out of 10 recommends!” Elise raves. 

Zoo Med Repti Rapids LED Waterfall Skull $59.99

A grey and beige Zoo Med Repti Rapids LED Waterfall Reptile featuring blue LED lights

Set up your reptile pet with a fresh new—and scary—LED Waterfall Skull. The hand-crafted ledges allow frogs and lizards to climb, the waterfalls allow them to cool off and grab a drink, and the skull can be great for creepy or mysterious settings. 

I love this water feature looks great in my lizard’s cage.” KPrailey states. 

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