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Setting Sail with Netflix's One Piece: Merchandise for Fans

Ahoy, fellow pirates and treasure hunters! The world of One Piece is about to set sail in a whole new dimension with the release of the live-action series on Netflix. With a massive fan following that spans the globe, this beloved anime and manga series is making its live-action debut. To celebrate this exciting development, we'll dive into the world of the Straw Hat Pirates and explore some fantastic merchandise that fans can purchase online.

Exploring the Live-Action Adaption

For years, Eiichiro Oda's epic saga fans have been eagerly awaiting a live-action adaptation of One Piece. Netflix is taking on the monumental task of bringing Monkey D. Luffy and his crew to life, and the anticipation is palpable. The show promises to faithfully recreate the adventures, humor, and epic battles that have made the original series a global phenomenon.

The Treasure Trove of One Piece Merchandise

Straw Hat Pirate Flag

black jolly roger one piece straw hat pirates flag

Raise your Jolly Roger with pride! The iconic Straw Hat Pirate flag is a must-have for any fan. Hang it on your wall or take it with you on your own adventures. This flag is a symbol of Luffy's determination to become the Pirate King.

Customer Review: "If you're a fan of the show or manga get this flag!" - Leilanii

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Roronoa Zoro Funko Pop! Figurine

funko pop figurine roronoa zoro

Funko Pop! has immortalized Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and other fan-favorite characters in adorable vinyl form. Collect them all and display them proudly on your shelf or desk.

Customer Review: "Get it for the one piece lover in your life." - Jennifer L.

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Thousand Sunny Model Ship

snap together model of the thousand sunny model ship

Build your very own Thousand Sunny with model kits available online. These intricate sets are perfect for hobbyists and provide a hands-on experience in recreating the Straw Hat Pirates' beloved ship.

Customer Review: "My 20 year old son is a big one piece fan. He absolutely loves this gift. I highly recommend it to the avid fan. He even has a tattoo of the skull (whatever character that is, I'm not familiar with the show). So cool!" - jim

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One Piece Manga Box Set

One piece manga box set with volumes 1 through 23 in a treasure chest shaped box

Relive the entire journey from the very beginning with a One Piece manga box set. With beautifully bound volumes, this collection is a treasure trove of adventure, laughter, and heartwarming moments.

Customer Review: "I found a few volumes 99,100 at target which made me want to start from the beginning and this box is AMAZING! For the value of each book you get the full 23 for almost $30 cheaper then if you were try to find and buy them separately. Plus amazing looking storage and an extra mini book and poster! Perfect condition wrapped and everything! Once I finish this set I will definitely get 2,3, and 4! Definitely recommend for any one piece fan who wants to read the manga with real paper instead of online!" - Charles D. Chapman

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Luffy's Straw Hat

Luffy straw hat and string for anime cosplay

Become a part of the crew by donning Luffy's iconic straw hat. You can find high-quality replicas online with MyUS Shopping that are perfect for cosplay or simply wearing as a statement piece.

Customer Review: "Fantastic material! My son is a BIG one piece fan. We have tried the fake yellow cosplay hats and this one takes the cake. The material so far is very sturdy! He has been through a few so I'll write another when/if this one has an issue but so far it's the best Amazon has! We have tried 3 others" Heather Dupree

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One Piece Apparel - Anime Fleece Hoodie

Black one piece hoodie

From t-shirts and hoodies to socks and hats, One Piece-themed clothing options are endless. Show off your favorite crew member or display your loyalty to the Grand Line. Check out this awesome One Piece anime hoodie, perfect for the cooler weather and if you're ever on the Blue Sea. 

Customer Review: "Love this hoodie I live in it most of the time. After multiple washes nothing has faded and it has stayed super soft!" - Jorden Healy

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One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey video game for Xbox Series X

Embark on your own adventures with One Piece video games. From RPGs to fighting games, there are titles available for various gaming platforms that allow you to step into the shoes of your favorite characters. Play One Piece Odyssey and add an adventure to your weekend plans.

Customer Review: "I have played for 4 hours now and so far I have enjoyed it! I liked to play as the straw hats and try out their iconic combat moves and I'm a fan of RPG games so it was a double win for me. I really recommend it (unless of course if you are not into RPg games)" - Rosember

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Witness Luffy's Quest to Become the Pirate King and Load Up on Merchandise from MyUS Shopping

The live-action One Piece series on Netflix is a dream come true for fans who have been eagerly awaiting a fresh take on the beloved story. As we prepare to embark on this new adventure, it's the perfect time to surround ourselves with the treasure trove of merchandise inspired by the Grand Line.

Whether you're a seasoned pirate or a rookie explorer, there's a piece of One Piece merchandise waiting for you on MyUS Shopping. From collectibles that honor the show's rich history to items that celebrate the upcoming live-action adaptation, the world of One Piece merchandise is as vast and diverse as the Grand Line itself.

So, as you set sail with Luffy and his crew in the live-action series, make sure to grab some of these fantastic collectibles and immerse yourself even further in the wonderful world of One Piece. Whether you're adding to your collection or just starting your journey, there's no shortage of treasures to discover!

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