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Your Gift Guide to International Hug Day Delights

Hey, hug enthusiasts! Are you one of those who know that a hug has healing powers? If so, you’re lucky because International Hug Day is almost here!
This means it's time to celebrate the universal language of warmth and connection that wraps around us all. Revel in the magical moments when two or more (we love group hugs!) people come together, wrapped in the comforting cocoon of a hug that speaks volumes without uttering a single word.

To celebrate this occasion,  we bring you a delightful list of gifts that transcend borders, ensuring your hugs travel effortlessly across continents. Join us in spreading love worldwide with MyUS Shopping, where convenience meets heartfelt gifting.

Personalized Plushies

Custom-made plush toy based on a child’s picture

Dive into the world of personalized, cuddly plush toys that speak volumes without uttering a word. Whether it's a cute teddy bear donning a custom t-shirt or a toy replica of yourself, these plushies add a personal touch to your long-distance hugs, making them extra special. Perfect for sending a piece of your affection across the miles.

Customer Review: Thank you so much for my custom plush! I love him! If you have anymore by January I’d love to get a another one! ❤ - Alyssa

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Artisanal Handcrafted Blankets

A white throw blanket with yellow and brown details

Blankets are the closest thing to hugs that we have. Wrap your loved ones in the warmth of artisanal handcrafted blankets, highlighting the skill and dedication of talented craftsmen worldwide. These blankets provide physical warmth and carry the emotional warmth of your love. Choose from various textures and designs to suit the preferences of your cherished recipient, and maybe add a drop or two of your perfume so they can hopefully get to feel it.

Customer Review: This blanket is exactly what it seems. It fits perfectly in my boho-desert inspired baby room. The texture is soft and the size is perfect for a throw. – Lillian Bean

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Message in a Bottle

A corked glass jar with a message and purple flowers inside

Consider gifting a message in a bottle for a unique and sentimental touch. Come up with a heartfelt note, seal it in this charming bottle, and let your words traverse oceans to reach your loved one. It's a timeless gesture that captures the essence of connection, making it a cherished keepsake for years.

Customer Review: The jar is beautiful and the cork is nice and firm. I absolutely love it. After my baby shower, I used it as my sons piggy bank. – Sky

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Global Tea Sampler

A Tea Drops gift box with 9 different tea samples

Love it or not, tea is necessary for the cold season, and nothing says comfort like a warm cup of tea. For the tea lovers in your love, gift a global tea sampler featuring blends from around the world. With this, each sip will become a journey, helping your loved ones experience different cultures' flavors. It's a thoughtful way to share moments of relaxation and warmth, no matter the distance.

Customer Review: If you like warm drinks then this is a great way to have one. It is very practical for traveling and when you don’t have time to brew a proper cup. I didn’t have to use sweetener at all. The packaging and instructions make this selection very gift-able. I’m very satisfied with this selection. – CME

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Scratch-off World Map

Woman inspecting scratch-off world maps on a table

Even if you’re far apart, you can bring the world closer with a scratch-off world map piece. Highlight the locations with special memories or places you dream of visiting together. It's a beautiful and meaningful way to connect with your loved ones, reminding them that, despite the miles, you're always close at heart.

Customer Review: We use this map during geography classes at home. It’s a fun way to keep up with the locations we are studying. – Gary

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Digital Hug E-Cards

Colorful physical and e-hug cards

Why not send a virtual hug when everything is possible in this digital age? Gift a subscription to a digital hug e-card service, allowing you to send love and warmth with just a click. With various animated and heartfelt designs, these e-cards instantly transcend borders, bringing a smile to your loved ones' faces, no matter where they are.

Customer Review: I absolutely love being the unique gift giver because I get to personalize my hug cards for the people I’m sending them to. They never disappoint. – Jessica B.

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Send some love with MyUS Shopping!

Let your love span across continents with our thoughtful and unique gift ideas. With MyUS, the world is just a click away, ensuring your hugs easily reach their destination. Embrace the joy of giving and receiving affectionate tokens, making this International Hug Day a celebration of love that knows no boundaries. So, spread the warmth and make your hugs truly global with the convenience of MyUS Shopping!

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