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Lunar New Year Shopping

Did you, by any chance, miss making a wish at midnight on New Year’s Eve?

Worry not. You’ll be able to right that wrong in a few days, as we will celebrate the Lunar New Year on the 22nd!

The holiday marks the beginning of a new lunar calendar, and its date is changeable. Still, it is typically celebrated in late January or early February with lots of fireworks (try to avoid them as they scare animals!), dragon and lion dances, and, you guessed it – gift exchanges!
One of the most important traditions for the Lunar New Year is the exchange of gifts.
In this spirit, we have compiled a list of seven products that make great gifts for loved ones and friends, each with its unique symbolism.

A box with famous Chinese tea flavors, $40

A red carton box containing 10 packs of original Chinese tea

It has some of the most unique and delicious flavors, and Chinese tea is also a symbol of hospitality and is often served to guests as a sign of respect and goodwill. That being said, you can’t go wrong with a box of Chinese tea - it represents warmth, purity, and tranquility, making it a great gift for tea lovers and an excellent way to share a moment of peace with loved ones.

I bought two of this tea gift set for my family and it is great! Nicely packed and great quality. It is a great gift option.” – Bobbie

Lunar New Year ornaments (44 pieces), $11

A gray and white cat dressed in a red vest standing next to a red and yellow pot with small branches with red and gold ornaments hanging from them

If you or a loved one can’t let go of the festive mood and feel down because you had to put away the Christmas tree, here’s another chance to decorate your home! Red and yellow ornaments, such as lanterns and banners, traditionally celebrate the Lunar New Year. They symbolize good luck and prosperity and bring a festive atmosphere to any space. This set contains 44 pieces, so you’ll have plenty to work with.

Looks exactly as described. Easy placement everywhere. Wife loves the velvet feel and gold foiling. Brings the “Chinese New Year Holiday“ feel to the house. Would highly recommend.” – Calvin Chan

Chinese calligraphy set, $26

An open calligraphy brush set containing four brushes, a spoon, ink, grinder and ink container

For the artistic soul, we recommend a gorgeous calligraphy brush set that contains 10 pieces.
Chinese calligraphy is a beautiful art form and a great gift for art lovers. It symbolizes elegance, refinement, and education, and is often used to decorate the home or as a personal keepsake.

Amazing set you need to soak them first and just remove loose hair before painting or you will get annoyed... I found this the best way or you will have loose hairs on your painting... After a soak and removal fabulous truly a beautiful set to have... Just wish I knew what the Chinese weighting was... But very pleased.” – Kar 

Chinese New Year red envelopes (36 pieces), $36

Two red envelopes with traditional gold Chinese-themed details in front of a pile of other red envelopes

A Lunar New Year without red envelopes is like a wedding without a bride, or a gift not sent with MyUS, or… well, you get the point.
Red envelopes filled with money are a traditional gift for the Lunar New Year. They symbolize good luck and prosperity, as red is believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune to its receiver.

They're adorable! The red part isn't shiny like some other red envelopes, but the design and shininess of the gold part make up for it! They're also really sturdy.” – L. Martinez

A beautiful traditional cheongsam, $39

Model wearing a navy cheongsam with traditional Chinese motifs in blue, green and red

Traditional Chinese clothing, such as qipaos and colorful cheongsams, makes an excellent gift for fashion-conscious loved ones. They look gorgeous, perfectly symbolize tradition and cultural heritage, and are often worn on special occasions.

The dress was amazing the top was a bit too tight (for me personally) but i cut the dress into a skirt and i can't lie actually loved it more as a skirt, the material isn't stretchy, but it is very good quality i would buy again and definitely recommend.” - Zykirah Rockeymore

Chinese blue and white bowls and chopsticks set, $22

A set of 4 traditional Chinese bowls in white and blue with a white and blue bag in the bag and a set of 8 chopsticks with blue holders

Chinese pottery is an art form and makes an excellent gift for art and food lovers. It’s durable and practical and is often used for functional or decorative purposes in the home. We all have that friend or relative (maybe you) who never takes the good sets out, so this might be a perfect gift.

Cute, well-made, well-packaged, nicely portioned rice bowls! Exactly what I was looking for! And chopsticks, too! Bonus!” - John You Can Call Me John

Dragon necklace, $15

A close-up of a green agate stone encircled with gold dragon pendant

Wearing jewelry is a traditional and elegant way to celebrate the Lunar New Year, and it doesn’t get more traditional than an A+ green agate dragon pendant necklace! Jewelry is usually worn to show wealth and prosperity and is often given as a symbol of love and commitment, so it has sentimental value, too.

The necklace is absolutely gorgeous!!! Looked big in the picture but is actually smaller then advertised. But it comes with 2 different chains which I love!!! Besides it being smaller it is totally worth buying !!!” – Gabby 

And there you have it – some items that can make your Lunar New Year celebration a good one. Whether you’re going to be celebrating with loved ones or sending gifts, we hope that these helped a little and gave you some ideas.

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