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Holiday Gift Guide for the Lunar New Year

As of 2023, the Lunar New Year begins on January 22 and is the Year of the Water Rabbit. 2023 is predicted to be a year of hope, as the rabbit's sign symbolizes longevity, peace, and prosperity. The Lunar New Year also goes by several names, such as Tet, Chunjie, Solnal, Losar, and the Spring Festival. 

In celebration of the Year of the Rabbit, it’s a time to worship ancestors, remove anything bad and old, and welcome the new and good. In addition to participating in the traditional lion or dragon dances, temple fairs, and flower market shopping, it’s also a time to celebrate and exchange gifts with friends and family. 

Do you need help finding the perfect gift for your loved one this Lunar New Year? Use MyUS Shopping to find what you need to celebrate properly! Follow our gift guide to find the best items you can utilize as a gift or decoration to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit! 

Stylish Clothes In Traditional Colors

During the Lunar New Year, paying attention to the color of the gift and the color of the wrapping paper or box you are giving is essential. Avoid colors like white, black, or blue, as they are often associated with colors of death and funeral attire. Instead, choose colors such as red, yellow, and gold if you provide any gift, as they all symbolize wealth and prosperity. 

Here are some stylish suggestions, perfectly customized to match the animal of this Lunar New Year.

Happy Lunar New Year 2023 T-Shirt

black graphic t-shirt with image of rabbit riding a dragon with text reading year of the rabbit 2023

  • Get festive with a 2023 Lunar New Year T-Shirt that gives a cute, cartoonish feel to celebrating the Year of the Rabbit. 
  • This lightweight graphic t-shirt is perfect for a child, teen, or young adult who enjoys celebrating their culture with cute, stylish outfits. 
  • Pair with some denim jeans, and you will have the best casual Lunar New Year outfit.

Happy Lunar Rabbit New Year Long Sleeve T-Shirt

long sleeve ralph lauren graphic shirt with image reading happy lunar new year, year of the rabbit with an image of a gold hopping rabbit

  • Keep warm and comfortable during the cooler weather during the Year of the Rabbit. 
  • This comfortable Year of the Rabbit Long-Sleeve T-shirt also makes the perfect gift to those born in the year of the Rabbit. 
  • Gift this shirt to family members or friends born in 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975,1987, 1999, and 2011, or to commemorate 2023.

Toddler Baby Girl Lunar New Year Tang Suit Princess Dress

red long sleeve traditional chinese new year tang princess dress

  • Dress your baby girl in a traditional and stylish Tang Suit Princess Dress for the Lunar New Year
  • Ranging from size 2-3T to 12-13 years, you can dress your daughters in traditional attire for celebrations, photographs, and festivities. 
  • They can even wear this fabulous outfit during other holiday festivities like Valentine's Day, Easter, and Christmas.

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Sweet Treats

Children are encouraged to eat delicious sweets during this time of year as it can bring in fortune for the year to come. Many families will create their own “Cyun hap,” a Lunar New Year Candy Box, or can purchase one online with eight essential treats. The eight sweets are candied fruits and veggies, including lotus roots, coconut strips or wedges, carrots, lotus seeds, winter melons, kumquats, and water chestnuts. These fortune candies symbolize bringing luck together and blessings. You can also purchase variations of these candies from the following US retailers below.

Strawberry-Flavored Lucky Candy

strawberry-flavored lucky candy

  • These individually wrapped strawberry-flavored Lucky Candies are sweet treats children (and adults) will love!
  • This 12.3 oz package contains approximately 70 individually wrapped candies ready for consumption. 
  • Pass out these delicious treats during your Lunar New Year celebration, weddings, parties, and any other festivity imaginable!

Dried Fruit & Mixed Nuts Gift Basket Tower

tower and ribbon stacked gift basket of nuts and dried fruits

  • This Red & Gold Hearts Snack Tower includes 12 signature delicious nuts and dried fruits: almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, honey-glazed pecans, brazil nuts, died cranberries, dried kiwis, dried papayas, dried pears, and dried peaches. 
  • High-end packaging features elegant red and gold colors and a unique and sophisticated design that will impress your gift recipient.
  • These nuts and fruits are grown worldwide to capture the flavor of their original lands and are packed fresh in New York to follow strict quality standards.

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Festival Decorations

Almost everything in the Lunar New Year carries significance in the cultural festivities. From red lanterns to drive off bad luck to decorated kumquat trees - Lunar New Year decorations help maintain the Year of the Rabbit with images and symbolism that represent luck, good fortune, and blessings to all celebrating.

KYMY 2023 Chinese New Year Treat Box

red lunar new year cardboard gift boxes

  • These Chinese New Year Goodie Boxes are made with a double-sided design, each with a different new year element, making it a great party favor during the New Year and Lantern Festival. 
  • The boxes are made of thick, eco-friendly hardcover paper, which is sturdy, disposable, scentless, and safe to use.
  • Each package includes two different patterns. Each pattern consists of six pieces, 12 pieces per package. The size is perfect for putting snacks and candy inside.

35-Piece JUNEBRUSHS Chinese Knot Hanging Ornaments

35 piece hanging ornaments for lunar new year

  • These Lunar New Year Ornaments are designed with traditional Chinese patterns with bright colors of gold and red. Styles include lanterns, golden ingots, oranges, fireworks, “FU” characters, Chinese knots, and golden 3D rabbits. 
  • These ornaments will bring you good luck, treasure, health, and a good 2023 new year.
  • Customers can hang these ornaments on plants, fences, shelves, ceilings, trees, doors, windows, and fireplaces.

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Toys for the Children

Children will be excited about new clothes and red envelopes filled with money and jump for joy over the toys they may receive from family and friends. For kids, there is no happier thing than getting gifts. So make this Lunar New Year special with some toys they will love.

JHkim 2023 Chinese New Year Rabbit Mascot Plush Stuffed Animal

red rabbit mascot for the lunar new year with the luck symbol on its forehead

  • This adorable New Year Rabbit Plush Animal symbolizes luck, peace, cuteness, and goodwill - with the symbol of good luck on the forehead. 
  • The bright colors and festive design make this stuffed bunny an ideal gift for children to bring to their classrooms, birthday parties, and any Lunar New Year festivities. 
  • This stuffed bunny is made of PP cotton and quality short plush, making it a safe and durable toy with a comfortable touch and fine artistry.

LEGO Lunar New Year Traditions Building Kit

lunar new year lego building kit

  • Capture the excitement of Lunar New Year family traditions with this colorful LEGO toy-building set, perfect for children ages eight and up. 
  • It features six brick-built scenes packed with authentic details. Each portrays different festive activities, including food shopping, making good-luck decorations, visiting family, and exchanging Hongbao red envelopes. 
  • The set features 12 LEGO mini figures, including the God of Wealth and a family of six people, to bring scenes to life and let children role-play their own stories.

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