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Beyond Beauty: Liptember Mental Health Awareness

Step into a world where vibrant hues and shades of confidence collide, all for a purpose that goes beyond beauty. 

The Australian Liptember Campaign has ignited a brilliant revolution, where bright and colorful lipsticks transcend mere cosmetics and become symbols of support, understanding, and hope. At MyUS Shopping, we're proud to be a part of this movement, offering you a curated selection of captivating lipsticks that not only accentuate your beauty but also contribute to the essential cause of mental illness prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and support services. 

Let's explore these captivating colors that do more than just brighten your lips—they brighten lives.

Empowerment Red: Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

Anastasia Beverly Hills American Doll red liquid lipstick

Unleash your inner strength with American Doll—a shade that exudes confidence, determination, and resilience. This fiery hue ignites a passion within you, reminding you that you have the power to overcome any obstacle. Just as this red lipstick boldly complements your smile, it also signifies the unwavering support we offer to those fighting battles within themselves. Get yours here.

Customer review: Love this product. Love the matte it stays perfectly. I won't wear lipstick now unless it's matte. – Bellafancy

Compassion Coral: Wet n Wild Coral Bellini

An open coral lipstick from Wet n Wild in white packaging

Coral kisses your lips with a touch of warmth and kindness, and so does Coral Bellini. This shade embodies understanding and empathy—a reminder that every individual's journey is unique, and compassion can truly make a difference. As you wear this coral lipstick, you're not only embracing a stunning color but also advocating for mental health programs that extend a helping hand to those in need. You can buy one here

Customer review: Lovely lipstick exactly the colour as shown,only problem is the lipstick broke on the first go and quite messy so now using a brush to apply. – Ms. Sharon A. Mooney
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Resilience Purple: Covergirl Exhibitionist

An open Covergirl Exhibitionist Purple lipstick in black packaging

Resilience knows no bounds, just like the captivating allure of Covergirl’s Exhibitionist. This shade resonates with bravery and strength, reflecting the courage it takes to confront mental health challenges. As you paint your lips with this regal hue, remember that each purchase contributes to supporting vital initiatives that aid in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses. Click here to buy one. 

Customer review: The color is amazing and everyone loves it! The lipstick is creamy texture. Best yet! – Mrs. D

Hopeful Pink: Maybelline Super Stay Vinyl Ink in Coy

An open MAYBELLINE New York Super Stay Vinyl Ink liquid lipstick in the shade Coy

Hope springs eternal, and so does the soft and enchanting shade of Maybelline's Coy. This color embodies optimism, reminding us all that brighter days are within reach. With every swipe of this lipstick, you're not only embracing a sense of hope for yourself but also sharing it with others who rely on mental health support services and programs. And they’re super popular, and probably some of the best lipsticks on the market right now. You can buy one on this link.

Customer review: I love love love this lipstick. It absolutely stays put all day. I can eat, brush my teeth, kiss my husband and it stays put. I never have to reapply. I apply around 6:30 am and have to use makeup remover wipe around 11:00 pm to remove it for bed. – alabamasan

Beauty goes beyond the surface, and so does our commitment to the Liptember campaign. With every stroke of vivid lipstick, we paint a brighter future—one where mental illness prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and support services are accessible to all. 

At MyUS Shopping, we invite you to wear these bold and beautiful colors not only as a celebration of your individuality but also as a symbol of solidarity for those navigating the complexities of mental health. Join us in this colorful journey towards a world where every shade represents progress, understanding, and a brighter tomorrow.

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