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International Friendship Day Gift Guide: Perfect Gifts for Your BFF

July 30th marks an important day for besties worldwide: International Friendship Day! It is a special day to commemorate those who showed love, joy, laughter, and support in your life. It is also the right time to show them your appreciation with simple or extravagant gifts. 

MyUS Shopping is the go-to site for online gift-searching and gift-giving, allowing users to access thousands of products from popular US stores. Here are a few options to choose from should you have difficulty deciding on the perfect International Friendship Day present. After you pick up your ideal presents, ship them straight to your doorstep with MyUS Shopping’s easy one-cart checkout. 

Best Friend Gift Mug, $11.99

A pink and white Hendson Best Friend Gift Mug with brown lettering and a heart print inside the cup on top of two magazines next to three green and red flowers

Any best friend will enjoy using this Best Friend-themed Gift Mug to drink tea, hot chocolate, or coffee. It is also a delightful present that reminds them about the meaningful decorative piece you gave them. Custom and themed mugs add more personality to the gift, putting much thought into celebrating International Friendship Day. 

Customer Review: “Purchased for my RIDE or DIE. Just buy it if you want to make your BFF feel special EVERY SINGLE TIME they drink out of it okay!?!?” - KE.

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Best Friend Necklaces $26

Two green and orange Yougmin Kang Best Friend BFF Necklaces on top of a white painted base

When your best friend likes subtle and minimal things, this Best Friend Necklace 2-Pack will do the trick! Both necklaces perfectly match any outfit style and include a beautiful message that makes recipients feel extra special. 

Customer Review: “My girlfriends loved these and we all match! Thanks for these pretty gems on solid chains. Definitely would buy again and recommend. I actually bought 3 sets for all my girls.” - FATruca

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Organic Bath Bombs Set, $32.89

Six individually paper-wrapped Beauty by Earth Organic Bath Bombs on top of shredded paper packaging in front of cardboard packaging

For friends who like to stay home and relax after a long day at work, they should try out these fragrant and soothing Organic Bath Bombs. Each homemade bath bomb has ingredients that help relax muscles and joints for a much-needed rest. They also nourish the skin and soothe sore areas for quick recuperation efforts. 

Customer Review: “This is a wonderful bath bomb set! Scents are all terrific and I’m very relieved with the quality of the product. Definitely recommend for personal use or gift!” - K Evans.

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Classic Design Friendship Lamps, $210

A set of two Friendship Lamps by Filmin Classic Design Friendship Lamps with green and orange colors and black outlines

For the best friend who’s living states or continents away, give them a Long-Distance Friendship Lamp to keep in touch no matter the distance apart. These lamps relay signals and messages through hand motions to reach out to special friends that you’re thinking about them. Choose from over 250 colors to customize your or your best friend’s lamp for a personal touch. 

Customer Review: “It’s such a nice gesture .. better than a text because sometimes it’s unexpected! Make the purchase!” - James Gelske. 

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Best Friend Teddy Bear, $15.99

A brown and white DINESIL I Love You Teddy Bear Plush holding a red heart with the words, “I LOVE YOU,” with three white heart prints.

A stuffed plush animal is another example of a simple yet meaningful gift for any occasion, especially International Friendship Day. This particular Teddy Bear showcases your love for your best friend with all your heart. It’s a classic and adorable gift to add to one’s collection, especially if they are avid Teddy Bear enthusiast. 

Customer Review: “I gave this stuffed animal to my girlfriend, and she LOVED it.” - Justin Todd 

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Breville Barista Expresso Machine, $699.75

A stainless steel Breville Barista Express Expresso Machine in a kitchen setting, surrounded by black and white mugs

Bring the ideal coffee-shop experience to your friend for a delicious cup of expresso and coffee and hours of quality time with this Breville Barista Expresso Machine. It has all the settings to create the perfect hot beverage, such as dose control grinding, precise expresso extraction, and a powerful stream wand for manual microfoam milk texturing. There’s no need to commute to coffee places when you can make your favorite beverages from the comfort of your home. 

Customer Review: “I've been really happy with the Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine. The stylish design and built-in grinder make me feel like a true coffee connoisseur. The quick heat up time and adjustable grind size make it easy to customize my perfect shot. And the programmable shot volume ensures consistent espresso shots every time. Plus, the added bonus of being able to claim the title of 'at-home barista' is a definite plus. Highly recommend this machine to any coffee lover out there!” - Ashleigh Johnson

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Popcorn Machine, $160.10 (Was $374.95)

A red and silver Great Northern Popcorn Company 6100 Countertop Foundation Popcorn Machine dispensing fresh popcorn

Any friend that enjoys the movie theater experience and getting snacks will have fun with this Countertop Popcorn Machine! This machine evokes the classic carnival-style aesthetic, which makes it stand out around the house. It can add more scenery to any friend’s home theater setting and be the highlight of any party and gathering. It’s also more fun and engaging than using the microwave! 

Customer Review: “Perfect size for an at-home machine. Easily pops enough for entertaining. The basket is big enough to pop one cup of kernels at a time. Large reservoir for popped corn. Fast heating and love the look of the light” - Khal570

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Anyone can celebrate International Friendship Day in various ways: spending quality time at their home, going out to picnics, meeting up for a cup of coffee, and participating in their favorite activities. If your best friend lives overseas, distance shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this special occasion. With MyUS Shopping, you can acquire gifts that cater to your friend’s interests and hobbies and ship them straight to their doorstep without delay!  

Shop for clothes, jewelry, appliances, snacks, toys, and other presents, and deliver them in time for International Friendship Day with MyUS Shopping! 

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