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Feel at Home in Your Car with These Handy Gadgets

There are some days when we spend more time in the car than we prefer. Whether you’re commuting to work or planning your next car journey, some gadgets will make your travel safer and more enjoyable. From phone chargers to lift jacks, we compiled a list of useful gadgets that will come in handy for all road scenarios. So, here’s what we suggest: 

Syncwire iPhone Car Charger, $19.99 (Was $27.31)

coiled black iphone car charger

Rule number one: Wherever you go, whatever you do, make sure that your phone has enough battery for browsing new reels while waiting in traffic, checking the map if you get lost, or making emergency phone calls if necessary. Syncwire Car Phone Charger is a universal car charger compatible with almost all smartphones, tablets, power banks, Bluetooth speakers, and more. The 3.9ft (1.2M) cable makes sure you can charge your device even if the user sits in the backseat.

What customers have to say: “Been using sync wire for years and still working perfectly, not sure why I haven’t bought this sooner. The car charger works perfectly, it’s a 2.4 amp so it charges my iPhone much faster usually other chargers are only 2.1. It’s nice how the lightning cable is fused into one piece. Also, another feature is adding another USB to charge other things... made out of plastic but durable. Lighting is portable to fit multiple cases. Highly recommended for a great price!” - Steven Manzano.

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AstroAI Digital Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge, $26.99 (Was $32.99)

digital black tire pressure guage with inflator

Rule number two: Cars run on tires, and keeping them correctly inflated can improve performance and reduce the possibility of flat tires, explosions, and accidents. Even if you're not an automotive expert, check the tire pressure before departing and handle it effortlessly with the AstroAI Digital Tire Inflator.

What customers have to say: “I’ve been in need of a new tire pressure gauge and saw this while searching on Amazon. It has mostly very good reviews so I decided to give it a try. It came in a very nice carrying case, with the necessary quick connection pieces included. I hooked it up to my little pancake compressor and started on my Jeep. Right away I noticed that the tire valve connector worked very well and clamped on the valve stem without the need to keep constantly pushing on it to keep a good connection during the inflation process. The digital readout is very easy to see and the pressure readings are very accurate. All in all, this looks like a great product.” - WW3

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Back Sear Car Organizer, $37.39 (Was $63)

Rule number three: Backseat passengers must be pleased and comfortable for a nice automobile ride. This Back Seat Car Organizer is ideal for keeping things organized. You may store water bottles, headphones, toys, magazines, wet wipes, or whatever else you need for your road trip in this organizer, which has configurable storage choices.

What customers have to say: “This organizer is the perfect size for any vehicle! It keeps all the little things for myself and for kids in place, organized, and keeps the messes off the floor and seats! The fabric is durable and just the right color to not show dirt and small stains! We love it!” - Mjackett.

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HAIPHAIK Emergency Roadside Kit, $41.99 (Was $49.90)

 HAIPHAIK emergency roadside kit with a toolbox, multi-function shovel, advanced jumper, tire repair tools, traction rope, survival whistle, flashlight, tire repair agent, gloves, masks, etc.

Rule number four: Unknown routes lead to new adventures, but staying safe is always a wise alternative. This roadside assistance kit comes with a toolbox, multi-function shovel, advanced jumper, tire repair equipment, traction rope, survival whistle, flashlight, tire repair agent, gloves, and a variety of other supplies to ensure your safety in the case of a breakdown or accident.

What customers have to say: “These are very handy to have!!, for anything, car emergencies! Have almost everything you need! I recommend this to anyone! But mostly women! Has many things for safety! Light hammer, things to use for defense but mostly for your car!” - Patricia

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BIG RED T10152 Torin Steel Scissor Lift Jack Car Kit, $23.13

Collapsible Torin steel scissor lift jack in red

Rule number five: You never know when you might need to lift your car. If you want to feel prepared for any road issues, having a utility jack in the trunk will do marvels to your comfort. Whether you will need to change the tire or do some quick maintenance, Collapsible Torin Scissor Lift Jack with a 3,000 lb. lifting capacity (around 1.5 tons) is your best companion.

What customers have to say:I was a bit hesitant about this product even though it is a Torin product with a fine reputation. Being a natural pessimist, I read all of the 1 and 2-star reviews. I figured that If I wasn't satisfied with it, I could always return it. The first thing I did was check for flimsiness, but none appeared. Next, I greased the travel bolt because of the complaints of binding and jamming. It appeared to turn with ease. For the acid test, I tried it out on an inclined driveway using emergency brakes. Easy up, easy down several times. Excellent height for my Ecosport and very sturdy base plate. In my opinion, a great product.” - Kindle Customer. 

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ThisWorx Car Vaccum Cleaner, $36.99

Orange and Black handheld vacuum

Rule number six: Road trips are incomplete without snacks, but the main drawback is crumbs. ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner is one of the must-have driving accessories for a clean and tidy car environment. With this effective on-the-go cleaner, you can get rid of sand, dog hair, food spills, and dust. The LED light is particularly appealing since it makes cleaning at night much easier.

What customers have to say: “Great unit! Smaller than I thought, but perfect for cleaning out our vehicles. We have a Dalmatian and she sheds really bad, but this thing is wonderful in getting all that out. The attachments are a bonus and extremely helpful when cleaning the hard-to-reach areas. I highly recommend it.” – CJ. 

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Rove R2-4K Dash Cam Built-in Wi-Fi GPS Car Dashboard, $101.99 (Was $119.99)

Rove R2-4K Dash Cam with built-in WiFi and GPS

Rule number seven: A video to show future generations is the finest keepsake of a fun vehicle journey. Even at night, the Rove R2-4k dash camera can record high-definition footage. You can effortlessly link the camera to your smartphone and post the footage on social media thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi. Parking mode, motion detection, 150° A+ wide-angle lens, G-sensor, loop cycle recording, emergency video lock, time-lapse video, slow-mo video, and a micro-SD card slot are all that you get with this dash camera.

What customers have to say: “I bought this camera to use on our 3500-mile New England trip and wasn't disappointed. I used this to capture the drive as well as most of the places we stopped at. The app allows you to watch the video and view a moving marker on the route using Google Maps, which was a very cool feature. Highly recommended.” – Steve. 

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TOPGO Phone Holder for Car, $23.99

TOPGO Cup Holder Phone holder for car

Rule number eight: Your phone should be securely attached and conveniently rotated according to your requirements while driving. This cup holder phone holder is a unique design that caters to your particular needs. It is made with an adjustable Nano silica airbag sturdy support shelf and thicker anti-slip rubber pads. TOPGO Phone Holder features expanded arms for greater depth and length, as well as 360-degree rotation for vertical or horizontal positioning.

What customers have to say: “Very innovative design. Easy to install, easy to use. I put my cell phone in it when I use the GPS function (Waze). I really like the flexible mount that allows different views if needed, such as when the sun hits it, reflections, etc. Excellent in its simplicity” – David W. Klonicke.  

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