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Spoiling Teachers with Gifts this Global Education Week

What can we say? We just love spoiling you with more and more gift ideas because giving and receiving gifts is probably everyone’s favorite thing in the world.

This time, we have Global Education Week ahead of us, which is an event that serves as a poignant reminder of the pivotal role that education plays in fostering a sustainable and equitable world. It's a time to celebrate the educators who dedicate their lives to nurturing the minds and hearts of the future. Teachers are the unsung heroes who inspire a love for learning, global citizenship, and cultural understanding in their students. 

To honor these remarkable individuals, we have a list of products that support their teaching goals and make exceptional gifts of appreciation. Let's explore how these products can empower teachers and enhance their classrooms.

Interactive Whiteboard

55'' 4K UHD EUNIVON Interactive Smart Whiteboard

While an interactive whiteboard is expensive, it is becoming an essential modern teaching tool that transforms classrooms into engaging learning environments. It allows teachers to display and interact with digital content, making lessons more dynamic and stimulating for students. Touch-screen technology and easy connectivity to devices facilitate collaborative learning and make the lessons more fun for everyone.

Customer Review: This smart board is a bit expensive but worthy. I can very easily connect from any device, send a link or file, and interact with it. - Sherman Cheatham

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Classroom Bookshelf

black cube style metal bookshelf

A well-stocked classroom library with diverse books can be a valuable asset for teachers. It provides students access to reading materials catering to their interests and reading levels. Grab an interesting bookshelf for the classroom and create a cozy space that offers a resource for research, projects, and silent reading, contributing to an enriched learning experience.

Customer Review: Although assembly does take some time, it is super simple and provides great instructions. They even provide you with a small wooden hammer! Once assembled it is slightly flimsy if you push it but for decorative shelving it works perfectly! – Jessica Flores-Chavez

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Classroom Document Camera

document camera for teachers with image of a drawing

If you’re unfamiliar with it, a document camera is a visual presenter that allows teachers to display and share physical documents, books, and 3D objects with the whole class. Working with it is as easy as counting to three: It integrates seamlessly with projectors and interactive whiteboards, enabling real-time visualization. They can make any teacher’s work much easier and promote active participation and a deeper understanding of the material.

Customer Review: This camera shocked me! So inexpensive and worked fantastic. Clear video images and easy to use! Very happy with purchase. – Andrea Walters

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Stationery and Organizer

pink rose gold desk organizer

Stationery, such as custom notebooks and pens, and a well-organized planner can be thoughtful gifts for teachers. So, grab a desk organizer for your favorite teacher and help them foster a sense of ownership and organization in the classroom. An organized planner helps educators manage their schedules, curriculum planning, and grading, ensuring no important task is overlooked.

Customer Review: The rose gold is super shiny, so much so, I’m debating if I want it on my desk with my other items. It is well made, very well packaged, and looks nice if high shine is what you’re looking for. - SpedTch

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Educational Board Games

brightly colored adsumudi math game

Educational board games are a fantastic addition to the classroom, encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. They can be a fun learning tool to engage students in learning through play. Try this Adsumudi math game to take their learning experience to another level and make complex subjects more approachable and enjoyable.

Customer Review: I teach high school-aged kids who are studying for their high school equivalency. Some are lower level with math and this actually keeps their interest! – Joetta Gonzalez

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Global Education Week provides an excellent occasion to celebrate teachers' incredible work in shaping our world's future. By gifting them these valuable tools and resources, you can show appreciation for their dedication and commitment to education. These products not only make their teaching more effective but also enrich the learning experience for their students. As we recognize the importance of global education and cultural understanding, let's also acknowledge the tireless efforts of teachers who make it all possible.

This Global Education Week, let's make a difference in the lives of our teachers. Consider gifting one or more of these products to a teacher you know and appreciate. Available through MyUS shopping now!

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