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Celebrate Father’s Day with these Wonderful Gifts

Father’s Day is approaching soon; it is time to prepare for gift shopping. If you have father-like figures and role models you want to commemorate, there are plenty of options, such as neckties, shaving kits, wristwatches, comfy socks, indoor smokeless grills, and much more! June 18th is a few weeks away, so check out the best Father’s Day products any father will appreciate from US stores and ship any that stand out with MyUS Shopping!

Back and Neck Massage Chair, $196.99 (Was $236.99)

A black and grey COMFIER Shiatsu Portable Neck and Back Massage Chair with multiple red massage nodes on top of a tan chair in a living room

Provide your father with much-needed relaxation and stress relief with this Shiatsu Massage Chair for Father’s Day. It features four rolling massage nodes that cover hard-to-reach areas in the back. You can also adjust them to accommodate users’ specific massage points. The portability function makes it easy to transport and fit on any couch, sofa, office chair, or recliner. Any dad that wants to take a break from work will enjoy the soothing properties of the Shiatsu Massage Chair! 

What Customers Have to Say: “I really like this massager. It gets deep into your irritated pain area, and afterwards, it has you feeling great and more flexible again. Overall, it's a great massager, and I recommend people who have tightness in neck and back area to give this product a try.” - Larry Pope

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Fossil Grant Chronograph Display Watch $91.82 (Was $160)

A silver and blue Fossil Grant Men’s Watch with Chronograph Display and Genuine Leather Band

Fathers and father-like role models love to collect and wear wristwatches with any outfit for any occasion. If you want to give them a Father’s Day gift that is stylish and versatile, then you should check out this Fossil Grant Chronograph Wristwatch. It is the perfect in-between of a casual and luxury watch that matches business casual and formal wear. Interchange the leather strap with a stainless steel band at your recipient’s preference to make it presentable for Father’s Day. 

What Customers Have to Say: “Excellent timepiece. Fossil never disappoints me. Blue against the rich colored band has made this my new favorite. I have several Fossils.” - Brian B.

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Smokeless Indoor Electric Grill, $119.99 (Was $129.99)

A black and silver 1829 Carl Schmidt Sohn Smokeless Indoor Electric Grill full of meat, seafood, and vegetables

If your father loves to grill and manage the food preparations for special occasions, they will love to use this Smokeless Indoor Electric Grill for rainy and snowy days. They can cook their favorite meats, veggies, and seafood for the whole family without the setbacks of charcoal grills. The Turbo Smoking Technology captures and reduces smoke during a barbeque, and the interchangeable grill plates prevent residue after cooking, making the cleaning process less strenuous. 

What Customers Have to Say: "We bought this grill to take with us on camping trips. We used it this past Memorial Day weekend and were very happy with it. Half of it is a grill surface and the other half is a smooth surface which is perfect when you are cooking at camp. Very little smoke and very easy to use.” - TAC

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Darth Vader Diamond Dot Necktie, $64

A black and navy Cufflinks INC. Star Wars Darth Vader Diamond Necktie with multiple Darth Vader Helmet prints throughout

Neckties with hints of pop culture are fun and creative accessories, especially for any father that maintains a geeky lifestyle and takes pride in expressing their love for their interests. For Father’s Day, you can gift them a Star Wars-themed Darth Vader Necktie for their collection. It adds an entertaining aesthetic that completes suits for office days and special occasions. 

What Customers Have to Say: “This is the perfect tie for that combination of fun and professional. The Darth Vader image is noticeable but not overly obnoxious. The thickness and quality are par for the price. This made a great gift that was very much appreciated. Would recommend.” - D. Phillips

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Yogasleep Dohm White Noise Machine, $49.99 (Was $52.99)

A white and gray Yogasleep Dohm Original White Noise Machine

For all fathers who have difficulty sleeping after a long day of work, this Dohm Original White Noise Machine will improve their sleeping habits. The machine’s signature white noise provides soothing sounds of rushing air that eases sleepless individuals. Anyone can customize their white noise machine to emit different tones and frequencies with adjustable dials. Since it doesn't take up much space, anyone can place it on nightstands, shelves, and coffee tables. 

What Customers Have to Say: “Much better than artificial sounds generated by digital white noise machines. No annoying pattern repeats, just real white noise. We bought this to drown out street noise, including cars and conversations outside our window, and it works better than expected. Would buy again in a heartbeat.” - Sean

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Beard Trimming Kit, $27.99

A silver and black WAHL Groomsman Rechargeable Beard Trimming Kit with nose trimmer, stubble combs, hair guide combs, and cord

Any father that likes to maintain their appearance before and after shaving will enjoy the convenience of a brand-new WAHL Beard Trimming Kit. The kit includes eight guide combs, a nose and ear trimmer, and precision ground blades for a refreshing and smooth trim. Whether you want to improve the look of your beard or get a clean shave, you can rely on this trimming kit for grooming needs! 

What Customers Have to Say“Have used WAHL products in the past and so far I'm pleased with this product. Comfortable to use and cleans easily. The many attachments are very useful as well.” - Tom White.

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Cartman Automotive and Household Tool Set, $28.89 (Was $39.99)

A red and black 148-Piece Cartman Automotive and Household Tool Set full of wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, and bits

This 148-Piece Cartman Tool Set is the perfect Father’s Day gift for new and experienced fathers who love to get busy with hobbies and DIY projects at home. It comes with the right tools essential for home improvement and automotive repairs. The case’s blow-molded construction makes it easy to organize and store tools and lightweight to carry from one location to the next. All fathers need a toolset for small to large repair projects at home or on the go if they don’t have one. 

What Customers Have to Say“Highly Recommend!! Pretty solid toolset for the value. Great for your projects around the house that require very minimal tools. This toolset almost always has something I can use when I need to find a tool.” - Trevin. 

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