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Fun Playmats and Toys for Tummy Time

Tummy time helps little ones develop and strengthen muscles, making it essential for healthy development. However, many babies don’t like spending time on their tummies (it’s hard work after all!), and that’s where playmats and toys can make all the difference. 

The right tummy time toys can keep babies engaged, entertained, and happily distracted, and our favorites below can be shipped internationally from US websites with MyUS Shopping’s easy one-cart checkout.

Tummy Time Baby Water Mat $14.99

Mom holding baby over a colorful Tummy Time Baby water mat

Made from 0.3 Food Grade 16P Environmental PVC, the Tummy Time Baby Water Mat is a fun and exciting way for baby go get in valuable tummy time. Just blow up the inflatable sides, fill with water, and watch as your little one explores the colors and shapes that float around beneath him. Designed for babies 3 months and up that can hold their head up. 

“This is the second one of this type of baby aquarium I am buying, & this time I got it right. The toy is very durable, does not leak, & is of cute design. I really like the detail all around, & the color choices. All you have to do is rinse the mat once in awhile with slightly chlorinated water, & you can use it for a long time. My baby loves playing on this mat, & banging on the fish.” says O. Vasilisa in her five-star review.

Bright Starts Flutter Friends Prop Mat $13.89

Baby smiling and laying in a Bright Starts Flutter Friends prop mat

The Bright Starts Flutter Friends Prop Mat has a removable pop pillow that makes tummy time easier for babies still building neck strength. It features a colorful bead chaser, 2 fun links, and flower-shaped rattle for hours of fun. 

“This mat is so adorable! My daughter uses it everyday! We do tummy time on it. I love it for using it at home and traveling. I love how affordable this is, it would make for a great gift.” says MrsFox in his online review.

Yookidoo Baby Tummy Time Mat $39.99

Baby enjoying tummy time on a Baby Tummy Time Mat by Yookidoo

The Baby Tummy Time Mat by Yookidoo was designed to address all baby's developmental needs during tummy time play and keep them thoroughly entertained at the same time. It has a prop pillow and magic motion track with two multi-textured farm toys that ride back and forth to keep baby's interest. It also has hidden storage pockets and folds conveniently into a self-contained Roll n’ Go carrying case for easy use while traveling.

"I love this tummy time mat. It just the right size for baby easy to fold up and put away. My favorite part is the little moving car at the top that plays music. It keeps baby's attention." says nick2323 in her five-star Amazon review. 

Fisher-Price Hug & Play Tummy Wedge $16.99

Bbay in orange onesie enjoying tummy time on a Fisher-Price Hug & Play tummy wedge

The Fisher-Price Hug & Play Tummy Wedge is a favorite among reviewers for it's small footprint, linkable activity toys, colorful clackers, teether, and self-discovery mirror. And when your little one starts sitting up, the wedge can go around the waist so baby can keep on playing. 

"It was hard to get my 2 month old son to tolerate tummy time longer than 1 minute even with a boppy pillow for support. He loves tummy time with this product. The crinkly sound and toys keeps him busy. He can now stay in tummy time up to 15 minutes now." says Lisa Yan in her five-star review. 

Fisher-Price Play & Crawl Hedgehog Mirror $21.17

Baby sitting up and playing with the Fisher-Price Play & Crawl hedgehog mirror

Fisher-Price's Play & Crawl Hedgehog Mirror is a "grow with your baby" toy that provides hours of fun whether baby is building strength during tummy time, sitting up, crawling, or walking. It has soft fabric "quills" for tactile interest, a bead bar and bat-at roller for hands-on play a large mirror for self-discovery, and a friendly hedgehog character for lots of smiles.

"This product is great for darker skin and those that have acne prone skin. It was recommended to me by an esthetician. I have used it for several months at this point and still a fan! No white cast!" says YESMommy2017 in her online review. 

Koala Infant Tummy-time Soft Crinkle Activity Book $17.95

Toddler crawling up to a Koala Infant tummy-time crinkle activity book

The Koala Infant Tummy-time Soft Crinkle Activity Book is double-sided and filled with lovely illustrations, sensory textures, and fun activities. It stands up to encourage tummy time and provides tummy-time for even the youngest babies since it doesn't involve a mat or pillow. 

"My daughter seemed pretty bored during tummy time, and this changed things! She could stare at the cute images for so long and when she began to grasp, she loved to crinkle the pages. Would definitely recommend this for a baby who dislikes tummy time. It allows baby to engage more and each page is so easy to interact with." says Allison in her five-star review. 

Skip Hop Vibrant Village Smart Lights Activity Gym $89.99

Skip Hop Vibrant Village activity gym with lights, animals and colorful objects

Skip Hop's Vibrant Village Smart Lights Activity Gym offers little ones three ways to play—tummy time, overhead, and as a playmat—so it can stay fun and engaging as your baby grows and develops. It has interactive musical light-up arches, a colorful mat with iridescent toy loops for tummy time, a dog-shaped tummy-time pillow with crinkle ears, and 4 hanging reversible toys.

"My two month old seemed to be getting so bored with his toy and his momma dancing around and singing. I bought this activity mat for him because of the lights and of course the cute design! My little one loves looking at lights and of course himself! When it arrived, I opened it up immediately, and OH MY GOODNESS, it is so beautiful. The designs are so fun!! My little one was mesmerized with the lights and melodies. He LOVES it. I am so glad I stumbled upon this item. Best. Purchase. Ever. Will recommend to all moms!" says Mommamomo in her glowing product review.

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