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Educational Toys From Amazon Perfect For All Ages

When it comes to picking out new games and toys, kids look for what’s fun while parents lean towards something educational. Lucky for all of us, Amazon has a huge selection of games and toys that pull double duty! 

Check out Amazon’s most popular educational toys and games for all ages below, and shop your favorites with MyUS Shopping’s easy one-cart checkout!

LeapFrog My Pal Violet $19.79

LeapFrog My Pal Violet

Made for little ones 6-36 months, LeapFrog's My Pal Violet is a soft and snuggly toy dog that teaches first words, feelings, emotions, colors and counting with over 40+ learning songs, melodies and lullabies, for active daytime fun and nighttime soothing. Connect the toy to your smartphone, tablet or computer for easy personalization. Want a gender-neutral pup? My Pal Scout is also available in green. 

"We got Scout for my son for Easter. I love that you can program him with 5 songs of your choice, your kid's name, and favorites like food, animal, and color. He sings quite a variety of songs, and plays games like "what animal am I", he counts to 5, and he teaches feelings "I'm feeling...hungry" "I'm feeling sad...can I have a hug?" "I'm feeling silly!" One of my favorite songs is the song that spells out the child's name. It's a great way for the child to start learning how to spell their name" says spiritedrinoa in their glowing review. 

Count 'n Match Egg Set $17.99

Kidzlane Color Matching Egg Set

Make the most of your toddlers natural curiosity with the Kidzlane Count 'n Match Egg Set. It includes 12 uniquely colored eggs that split in two, revealing a unique color, number, and combination of pegs 'n holes with a bright yellow plastic case so it's easy to carry and store. It helps build valuable basic skills such as sorting, counting, color coordinating and matching. For toddlers 18 months and older. 

"I can not express how amazing this toy is! My toddler loves matching the colors. I love that she can’t open the carton without help (I’m not searching for half eggs all over the house, I only let her use it under supervision). I open the eggs and put the bottom half of the egg in the carton and the top half in the top of the carton or on the table. She has gotten so much better with colors and shapes since we got this toy!" says Webster in their product review. 

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop $21.95

Little boy playing with LeapFrog's My Own Leaptop

LeapFrog's My Own Laptop lets kids pretend to be like mom and dad with fun computer role-play, such as sending and receiving pretend emails. They also learn letters, animal names, sing along with 16 songs and melodies and more! 

"Our two year old son loves this "computer." It has really helped his speech immensely. Since this arrived he can identify several letters and their sounds. It's perfect for independent play time or when Mommy and Daddy are working on their computers as well (we work from home)." says Katie S. in her Amazon review.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set $18.99

Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set

Building blocks are educational, versatile, and will be with your child as they grow. Suitable for ages 36 months - 8 years, this Wooden Building Blocks Set from Melissa & Doug includes 100 durable wooden blocks in 4 different colors and 9 shapes. They introduce early math concepts and help kids develop strong motor skills and even resilience as they experiment with building, knocking blocks over, and building again. 

"I love these blocks! They are perfect. I was looking for blocks where all the pieces were painted and this was the only set I found. All other sets had some or all the blocks in wood color. I wanted blocks that could allow my child to sort by shape and by color and to build vividly colorful creations. The blocks are just the right size for little and big hands." says Alex Campbell an Amazon review. 

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe $64.27

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe

The Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe that features an interactive desktop with five interchangeable pages filled with engaging content including letters, numbers, music, colors, and more, and expansion packs are available that focus on specific curriculum such as nursery rhymes, reading skills, animals and numbers. It can also transform into a chalkboard and art station and has plenty of space to store art supplies. 

"I got this for my son's 3rd Birthday because he loves his ABC's and I thought he would like learning things on the other pages. After 6 months he loves it so much and learned so much from the first pages that I bought the 2-4 year old set this month. In less than 30 days he has learned so much. And he plays with this toy ALL the time." says Angela in her five star review. 

Klutz Lego Chain Reactions Science & Building Kit $18.48

Klutz Lego Chain Reactions Science & Building Kit

Looking for a fun yet educational activity that can be enjoyed by kids, teens, and adults? Get them LEGO Chain Reactions. It's packed full of ideas, instructions, and inspiration for 10 LEGO machines that spin, swing, pivot, roll, lift, and drop. Each machine is awesome on its own but put them together and you'll get incredible chain reactions. It's recommended for kids ages 7-15 years, but adults love it too!

"Wow! Not sure who is having more fun, my husband or the kids (5 and 7 years.) They love engineering, building, projects, etc. If you are like-minded this shouldn't disappoint." says A.M. Thomas in their glowing product review. 

VTech MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System $199

VTech MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System in Pink

For fun and learning on the go, your child will love the MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System. This handheld device provides fun and education through games and apps that teach learning skills like math, vocabulary, spelling, reading, logic, drawing and more. It comes with four preloaded apps: a hamster-ball racing game that employs the motion control, an archery-themed game that teaches QWERTY keyboard skills, an artistic coloring app that makes use of the touch screen, and a photo app. More apps are available separately. 

"It makes a wonderful gift for kids from 2 to 10.It is the kind of gadget that you would not regret if your kid spends a lot of time on. Since it is not mere a toy but teaches so many things to kids like maths, alphabets, geography, arts, spelling and so much more." says prithviraj in their product review. 

ThinkFun Gravity Maze $29.95

ThinkFun Gravity Maze

The ThinkFun Gravity Maze builds spatial reasoning and planning skills as kids play their way through 60 challenges that range from beginner to expert. With over 50 million sold, it's one of ThinkFun's most popular games and was a Toy of the Year Award winner in 2017. Best of all, it's SUPER FUN and will keep your kids entertained (and learning) for hours! Recommended for ages 8 - 15 years.

"My 10 year old son is obsessed with this game. He loves figuring out each maze. It makes him use problem solving skills and logic. This is a great toy for an only child whose parents can't entertain the child every minute. He choses this over video games! Now that is saying something." says Amy P. in her five star review. 

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