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Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers

Is your loved one an avid gamer? Do you indulge in video games to relax and unwind? Sometimes finding the right games and accessories for gamers can be challenging. We’ve done some of this homework for you. Here’s our guide to finding the most popular games and accessories available for various gaming consoles. 

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Xbox & Xbox Series

The Xbox brand has come a long way since the introduction of the original Xbox console in November 2001. It evolved over the years with the development of the Xbox 360, the Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X and Series S. As one of the popular video game brands, with over 100 million active Xbox gamers to date, it’s no surprise people prefer the console that promotes high-quality graphics on games such as Modern Warfare, Madden, NBA 2K, and many more. Find the perfect gift for the Xbox gamer in your life with the following suggestions below: 

Madden NFL 23 - Xbox Series X|S

madden 2k23 for xbox sereies x|s with image of legendary coach steve madden

  • Call the shots for your team - Plan and strategize like an NFL coach with refined scouting, staff management, and weekly strategy features. 
  • Develop your dream fantasy roster of current NFL superstars, Hall of Fame legends, and more.
  • Squad up and feel like an NFL superstar in Madden NFL 23’s fast co-op eliminator mode, where Superstar X-Factor abilities are always on.

WWE 2k22 Deluxe Edition for Xbox Series X

ww2 2k22 for xbox series x featuring a luchador wrestler

  • The WWE 2k22 Deluxe Edition contains everything you like about WWE, plus the Undertaker Immortal Packa and the Season Pass. 
  • Everything from the controls to the graphics has been redesigned so you can feel like you're ringside at WrestleMania. 
  • Unleash dives, kick-outs, and finishers with the biggest and most realistic-looking WWE Superstars and Legends: The Rock, Sasha Banks, Goldberg, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, Rey Mysterio, and more!

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Playstation 5

Playstation is also a famous brand amongst gamers since its initial Japanese release in 1994 and American debut in 1995. The Playstation 5 is known in the gaming community as an elite console with smooth graphics, fantastic lighting effects, and the ability to run games from the previous console generation. It comes in two different versions, the Playstation 5 Digital or the Playstation 5 Disc - for gamers who want to digitally download their games vs. gamers who want to physically expand their video game library. Find the perfect gift for the Playstation gamer in your life with the suggestions below: 

God of War: Ragnarok

god of war ragnarok for ps5 with characters kratos and atreus

  • Feel your journey through the Norse realms as Kratos and Atreus struggle with holding on and letting go in God of War: Ragnarok.
  • Witness the changing dynamic of the father-son relationship as they fight for survival and knowledge and to break free of the past to move forward.
  • Venture through all Nine Realms toward the prophesied battle of Ragnorak to vanquish Norse Gods and monsters alike in fluid, expressive combat. 

Gotham Knights

gotham knights for ps5 featuring robin, nightwing, bat girl, and red hood.

  • Step into the roles of Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin and shape Gotham’s newest protector to create your own version of the Dark Knight. 
  • Explore and fight crime in an open-world Gotham City - Patrol the dark streets of the five distinct boroughs in a dynamic, interactive Gotham using a variety of traversal abilities and heroic combat moves to save the city from a descent into chaos.
  • Each hero has unique abilities, gear, weapons, and a customizable suit. Be the new caped crusader Gotham needs in Gotham Knights

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Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is one of the fastest-selling consoles to date. Thanks to its innovative format and an exceptional lineup of games, it’s doing well in the video game climate. It’s perfect for sharing a gaming experience with friends, affordable, portable, and constantly improves its online services. Find the perfect gift below: 

Bayonetta 3

bayonetta 3 for the nintendo switch

  • Play as the bewitching Bayonetta in the third installment of her action game series
  • Shoot, stomp, and slam your way through multiple locations and meet other Bayonettas
  • Fight your way through the streets of Toyko, the mountains of China, and many other locations as Bayonetta or as Viola, a witch-in-training who fights with a sword and her companion, Cheshire.  

Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration

atari 50th anniversary game for nintendo switch

  • Atari 50: The Anniversary Collection is an interactive journey through 50 years of video games through interviews with designers, developers, and industry leaders, documentary footage, product design documents, and, of course, more than 100 playable games. 
  • Play games like Airworld, Haunted House, Vctr Sctr, Neo Breakout, Quadratank, and a hundred other Atari classics you know and love!
  • Play a game collection that doubles as a rare opportunity to get a rich, behind-the-scenes look at the history of video games.

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Did your loved one build a computer from scratch with the sole purpose of playing video games? Or did they buy an impressive PC gaming computer like Alienware to game their favorite games from their home office setup? Every gamer has a preference on whether to play on a computer or gaming console. However, most PC gamers boast of the perks of using a PC, thanks to its customization, improved gaming experience, and convenience. If you or your loved one are PC gamers and need a gift suggestion for the holiday season, see below for some suggestions to add to your shopping list: 

Elgato Stream Deck

black stream deck with 15 LCD keys

  • Fully customizable switch deck: Personalize keys with custom icons or choose from hundreds of available icons.
  • 15 LCD keys perfect for switching scenes, launching media, adjusting audio, and more.
  • The perfect accessory for any streamer as it controls game capture, OBS studio, Tipeeestream, Twitch, and more.

Gaming ST100 RGB Premium Headset Stand

black headphone stand with LED colored lights

  • Durable aluminum construction and iconic design combine to create your headset's ultimate display.
  • The easy access, dual USB 3.1 analog input enables full range stereo or 7.1 surround sound for an immersive, multi-channel audio experience. 
  • The CORSAIR iCUE software enables custom audio equalizer settings, immersive 7.1 surround sound, sidetone control, and RGB lighting synchronization with compatible CORSAIR peripherals, coolers, fans, and more. 

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Virtual Reality 

Virtual Reality is an expanding market for gamers and technology enthusiasts. It’s bringing us into a new generation of tech. From hands-free immersive gaming to intelligent glasses - the evolution of video games and technology is something anyone would want to experience. Here are some suggestions for the gamer in your life:

Meta Quest 2 Resident Evil 4 bundle with Beat Saber

white oculus virtual reality headset and games resident evil 4 and beat saber

  • Explore new gaming, social, and entertainment dimensions with a virtual reality headset that requires no wires, no limits, and no PC or console.
  • The multi-sensory experience immerses you in cinematic, 3D positional audio through built-in speakers, while mind-blowing high-resolution graphics allow you to see every detail in every VR world. 
  • With up to three hours of gameplay or ten hours of entertainment combined with a comfort-driven design, explore deeper and further for longer in the game or reality of your choosing. 

Ray-Ban - Stories Wayfarer Smart Glasses

black smart ray ban glasses

  • The new Ray-Ban stories Wayfarer Smart Glasses integrate the best of your phone with the timeless, stylish frame, bringing you a new way to capture and share your adventures. 
  • It only requires a mobile phone and wireless internet access to share content on Facebook platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.
  • Take hands-free photos and videos and stay immersed in the moment with the dual 5 MP camera and discreet open-ear speakers with 3 built-in microphones that capture sound in all directions, so you get rich voice and sound quality for calls and videos. 

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