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Water Filters For Your Home

Looking for a new pitcher or sink attachment for crisp, clean water at home? 

We've rounded up the best of the best in at-home water filtration solutions, and they can all be easily shopped and shipped internationally with MyUS Shopping's convenient one-cart checkout!

Brita Everyday Pitcher $25.64 

Brita Everyday Pitcher and filter in white

Improve the taste and smell of regular tap water with Brita's Everyday pitcher. It filters 10 cups of water at a time with advanced filter technology that cuts the taste and odor of chlorine and reduces copper, cadmium and mercury impurities, and has a flip-top lid that makes refilling a breeze. 

"I have had mine for over two months now and it has worked flawlessly," says Tim Stiles in his product review. 

Brita UltraMax Water Dispenser  $27.99

Brita Longlast Water Filtration System in black with filter

Need a pitcher that can handle a larger volume of water? The UltraMax Water Dispenser from Brita filters and holds 18 cups of water at a time and is certified by the US Water Quality Association to reduce 99% of lead, chlorine (taste and odor), cadmium, mercury, benzene, asbestos and more found in tap water for cleaner, great-tasting water. It has a space-efficient design that lets it easily fit on a counter or in the fridge and comes with one Brita Longlast Filter that lasts a whopping six months!

"This is awesome! Our city water is terrible at our apartment and we use a lot of water every day. This holds a lot and we are never out as long as someone fills it (always me haha!) I use it for my coffee maker so I don’t get the hard water and the flavor is so clean." said Stephanie H. in her Amazon review. 

ZeroWater Round Pitcher $21.99 

ZeroWater Round Pitcher in a refrigerator

For smaller spaces, we love ZeroWater's 8 Cup Round Pitcher. It filters water in 5 stages to remove bad tastes and reduce contaminants and measures 8.5 x 6.5 x 10.2 inches to fit in small fridges and take up very little counter space. 

"This is the best water filter I have ever used. I used the tester that came with this filter to test my old one, Zero Filter is much better. Well worth the money to buy," said galenajack in her five-star review.

Hydros 5-Cup Water Filter Carafe $23.99 

Hydros 5-Cup Water Filter Carafe in gray

If you prefer aesthetics more than capacity, check out the Hydros 5-Cup Water Filter Carafe. Not only does it have a sleek, eye-catching design, but it also has a fast flow filter that delivers crisp clean water quickly and holds 40 ounces per filling.  

"This is a great water Carafe. It is just the right size that fits into the fridge in my office so I can always have cold and filtered water available to put into my cup white working during the day," said Travis B. in his five-star review. 

Engdenton Water Filter for Faucets $57.99

Engdenton Water Faucet Filter

To improve the taste of your water straight from the faucet, choose a water filtration system that attaches straight to the source. Engdenton's Water Faucet Filter, made of high-quality food-grade 304 stainless steel housing and Activated Carbon Fiber filtration technology, attaches directly to standard faucets to deliver up to 8 cups of filtered water per minute. Perfect not only for drinking but also for cooking water and cleaning fruits and vegetables.

"High-quality stainless steel, very solid. Works perfectly. Best result is neutral water. No taste at all of anything. Very tired of lugging plastic gallons, very happy to stop plastic flow in and out of house. Recommending to friends." said Rocco in his glowing review. 

Waterdrop 320-Gallon Water Faucet Filtration System $26.99

Waterdrop 320-Gallon Water Faucet Filtration System

Another popular water filtration option for faucets is this 320-Gallon Water Faucet Filtration System from Waterdrop. It has an ultrafiltration membrane and activated carbon fiber to effectively remove chlorine, taste, odor, red worm, rust, sand, sediment and other harmful contaminants larger than 0.1 micron from faucet water. It comes with one filter, and each filter lasts approximately three months with average use. 

"The filtered water tastes great. The filters last longer and are smaller and more affordable, which reduces packaging and waste and makes them easier to store," said Karen Hill in her product review. 

iSpring 6-Stage Under Sink Drinking Water Filter System $170.99

iSpring 6-Stage Under Sink Drinking Water Filter System

If you want to skip the pitcher and faucet attachments altogether, consider an under-the-sink water filtration system. The iSpring 6-Stage Under Sink Drinking Water Filter System removes contaminants like lead, chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, bacteria and has an alkaline filter that adds 5 stages of mineralization and antioxidants for alkaline water that has up to 20% more oxygen than regular water.

"After 6 months of normal use, we could not be more pleased! Great tasting water!" said Wayne J in his product review. 

AQUA TRU Countertop Water Filtration Purification System $400

AQUA TRU Countertop Water Filtration Purification System

The Aqua Tru Countertop Water Filtration Purification System is the first and only reverse osmosis water purifier for your countertop. It creates bottled water quality water from tap water and sets up in minutes with no plumbing required. It uses the same reverse osmosis technology used by all the major bottled brands and has been certified to International Drinking Water Filtration Standards to remove 15X more contaminants than the leading pitcher filters. It comes with three quick-change twist and seal filters and the unit has an easy to read digital display that lets you know when it's time to change filters.  

"Have a few months of use on this unit now so long enough for an informed review. A little pricey, but a nice design and well built product - well worth the cost. We typically use 2 reservoirs every day and have not had a single glitch up to this point. Water quality is excellent. The unit is very sleek and compact so will not create an eyesore in your kitchen. Clever design features like the built in carry handle in the water reservoir make this unit very simple to use. Give it a try!" said DW in their product review.

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