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Singles Day: China's Black Friday!

Purple banner with fireworks graphics and the text "The No. 1 Online Shopping Event in China: Singles Day" in gold and sparkly font

Every year on November 11th, or 11/11, the biggest shopping event happens in China! The "1" numerals in the date represent singles and started as an event to celebrate being single and gifting to yourself and others who are also free of relationships. 

The big online shopping event has now evolved to include everyone. Here are the best ideas for how to shop for self-love and save big this year! Our Marketplace has its own promotional Singles Day savings too—Use code SINGLE11 for an extra 11% savings! Check out the amazing selection of products to shop—straight from China and shipped to you.

Generation Silk Pillowcase $8.99

Navy blue silk pillowcases from MyUS Shopping Marketplace

Sleep in luxury and indulge in a set of silk pillowcases for the best rest.

Antarctic Foot Bath Automatic Electric Massager $33.99

Black and white foot bath massage device from MyUS Shopping Marketplace

Rest your feet after a long day with a massaging foot bath!

24k Gold Electric Beauty Stick Massager $7.99

Gold t-shaped bar facial massaging beauty stick tool  from MyUS Shopping Marketplace

A relaxing facial at home? Try out this t-shaped facial device for a quick way to chill out.

Eye Massager $54.99

White and yellow eye massaging device on charging base  from MyUS Shopping Marketplace

Experiencing eye fatigue from all those late nights of Netflix and scrolling through your social media feeds? Just pop on this space-like eye massager and sooth your eyes.

Yabai Photon Rejuvenation Led Facial Mask $29.99

Two LED facial masks for treating acne, wrinkles, and anti-aging in black and white colors  from MyUS Shopping Marketplace

Ready to take your face mask treatment to the next level—and out of this world? This fun LED facial mask looks ultra high-tech and will calm and treat your acne and fine lines, depending on which LED light color you turn on. 

Droe Electric Lip Enrichment Tool $47.99

Red Droe electric lip enhancing tool in red and black package box  from MyUS Shopping Marketplace

Nothing like a little lip enhancement. With this electric anti-aging lip device your lips will be the most beautiful they've ever been!

Ulike Pore Cleaner $72.99

Teal and gold Ulike pore cleaning suction dermabrasion device  from MyUS Shopping Marketplace

If your pores need a little TLC, this blackhead and pore cleaning suction device will get the job done.

Golden Blackhead Cleansing Tool $36.99

Golden brand blackhead cleaning face devices with silicone texture nubs in blue and pink from MyUS Shopping Marketplace

Whether you choose the blue or pink version, this silicone cleansing device will clear away dirt, makeup and oils with its little cleaning nubs.

Lacues Roller Micro Current Beauty Instrument $36.99

Australian brand Lacues rose gold roller micro current instrument for anti-aging from MyUS Shopping Marketplace

Sit back and relax at home with this roller-type microcurrent tool. It's like getting a facial massage in the safety and comfort of your own home!

Soft Blanket $4.99

Soft grey fluffy and cozy blanket tied with a ribbon from MyUS Shopping Marketplace

After all those self-care treatments, it's sometimes just nice to lay down and snuggle up in a soft, cozy blanket.

Whether you're single and ready to mingle or part of a wonderful relationship, you can enjoy self-care focused gifts and products too. Shop along with the millions of Singles Day celebrators on the no. 1 online shopping event in China.