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Shop for Sustainable Clothing with eBay’s Pre-Loved Section!

Browse through selections of limited-numbered items you’ve been waiting to buy for years through eBay’s Pre-Loved Collection. You will never know what vintage and modern treasures you will discover on eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and MyUS Marketplace. Here are a few notable items to get you started on your sustainable secondhand shopping spree! Help yourself, and others, find new homes for pre-loved shoes, handbags, dresses, jackets, and much more with MyUS Shopping! 

Anthony Wang Multicolor Platform Sneakers, See Listing

A pair of Anthony Wang Multicolor Platform sneakers on top of a black box inside a white lightbox

If you’re looking for shoes that stand out in height, color, and appearance, check out this pair of Anthony Wang Multicolor Platform Sneakers! Their collection of unique platform footwear usually goes for over $100, but eBay’s Pre-Loved Collection offers them for under the retail price. They match perfectly with outfits for any occasion, such as school, hanging out with friends, and concerts.  

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Kate Spade Palm Leaves Ivory Canvas Tote Bag, See Listing

A blue, white, and black Kate Spade New York Palm Leaves Ivory Canvas Tote Bag on top of a black tablecloth in front of an off-white wall

Are you searching for a tote bag for shopping that’s sturdy and long-lasting? This Pre-Loved Kate Spade Ivory Canvas Tote offers reusability without compromising style. The slick palm leaves print in navy and ivory colors makes it a fashionable accessory not available at mass retail stores. 

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Kate Spade Suede Leather Pointy Toe Heels, See Listing

A side profile of a pair of red Kate Spade Suede Leather Pointy Toe Heels in a white lightbox

Finding a pair of secondhand suede leather shoes that are in excellent condition can be difficult and time-consuming. Fortunately, MyUS Shopping makes it easy for users to locate items they need precisely. In this case, these Kate Spade Suede Leather Heels match well with dresses, skirts, and slacks for any occasion. They’re in good condition and offer color to your footwear collection! 

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Tory Burch Bag, See Listing

A black leather Tory Burch Bag with a gold chain sling, leather straps, and two-tone brown fur on a white leather cushion resting on a white pillow

Save hundreds of dollars and reduce energy resources that produce new products by engaging in secondhand fashion. A pre-loved Tory Burch Bag can offer an inexpensive shopping alternative and a sustainable lifestyle. This unique fur crossbody bag with gold purse chains and premium leather lining would benefit from being in someone’s collection instead of going to waste in a landfill. 

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Ralph Lauren Rubber Rain Boots, See Listing

A pair of dark blue Lauren Ralph Lauren Rubber Rain Boots with laces and green words print

Quality rubber rain boots are hard to find for the right price. Fortunately, browsing through MyUS Shopping’s eBay Pre-Loved Collection yields preferable results, such as these Ralph Lauren Rain Boots for under $30! These gently-used boots give new wearers a cost-efficient purchase that will last long enough to keep your feet and socks dry during rainy days.  

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Save time browsing through various online stores, save money on future purchases, and practice sustainable shopping by going to MyUS Shopping for all your sustainable fashion needs! MyUS Shopping is the one-stop shop that allows MyUS members access to popular US stores like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay and brands, easy one-cart checkout to bundle packages, and lightning-quick shipping to over 200+ countries. Search for products through your favorite US stores, consolidate items from different stores into one package, and ship them off to your doorstep! 

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