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Get Creative for Poetry Day with These Notebooks

An Ode to MyUS Shopping

Across the oceans, deep and wide, 

Our goods and wares on ships do ride,

From distant shores to lands unknown,

Our commerce flows, and seeds are sown.


With planes that fly across the sky,

And mighty vessels passing by,

We link the world in trade and bond, 

A network vast and ever fond. 


From tech that’s crafted on the run,

To items to brighten your lives like the sun,

Our shipping lanes connect us all,

In harmony, we stand up tall. 


Through storms and waves, our goods persist, 

As mighty engines hum and hiss,

The world economy, we do drive, 

And bring new wonders each sunrise. 


So raise a cheer, for shipping’s might, 

A global force that shines so bright,

In unity, we sail the sea,

And bring the world to you and me.

We hope you loved this poem we created in honor of World Poetry Day. Time to be creative and brighten your day with beautiful dedications to things in your everyday life. At MyUS Shopping, we not only enjoy being creative, but we also enjoy providing products you need on a daily basis. That includes diaries and notebooks you can utilize when creating your own poem. 

Here are some of our favorite diary and notebook suggestions that can help you celebrate World Poetry Day your way:

Beyong Leather Writing Journal, $9.99 (Was $14.99)

pu leather blue notebook with leaf design

This adorable Blue Embroidered Journal made of PU leather is the perfect travel notebook for writing poetry. The conveniently sized diary can perfectly fit within a handbag and schoolbag. You can also use this notebook to express other forms of creativity besides drafting poetry. Filled with blank paper, this notebook allows you to draw the maps in your mind, sketch characters and places, and take notes freely across the pages. 

What customers have to say: “I like everything about this beautiful book. The color (dark green) and beautifully etched leaf design. Looks exactly as seen. I liked it so much that I decided to get one for my daughter too. She loves it. Great price!! Also, refill pages are available just as the ones in the book. However, there are many other pages also available lined, unlined & versions colors. Great purchase. I am very impressed and pleased. I love this book. Thank you Amazon.” - KayeGalv

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Vintage Diary with Lock, $24.95 (Was $26.99)

sunflower powder pink diary with combination lock

Keep those secrets in a diary that comes with its security feature. This Vintage Locked Journal is the perfect place to record your thoughts, inner secrets, daily life, and poems in honor of the upcoming holiday. This is the perfect product for the secret poet not yet ready to reveal their creativity to others. The creative locked combination design, pen holder, and pocket with zipper make this diary the best place to express your inner thoughts without judgment.

What customers have to say: “So I got this for a friend along with a few more items and of all the items she got, this was the one she loved the most. It feels nice and strong, with pages that feel rich and thick. It has a prestige look and feel and the design on the front is also really nice. I haven't changed the combination as of yet but that’s because I don’t want her keeping too many secrets.” - Damion Williams

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CAGIE Starry Constellation Lock Diary Gift Set, $39.99 (Was $50.99)

virgo constellation diary gift set with pen and tape

For someone who can spend hours staring at the stars, here’s a notebook that captures the beautiful night sky in a way that helps boost creativity. This diary set includes two colored bookmarks, a pen and pen holder, a card slot, and five washi tapes that can take creativity to another level. Choose between a series of constellations to personalize this item or that special poet in your life.

What customers have to say:I bought this journal because it was simply time to have another! I’m seeking to have journals like Stephen from Vampire Diaries. THIS journal specifically gets the well-earned trust from myself both because of it’s looks and its security. First, I’m a scorpio and I love to express that in many ways as possible. I enjoy that this journal empowers that expression, I feel more connected to this one. It make me WANT to write in it. Second, I feel secure because of the locking feature. It doesn’t allow snooping unless you’re really determined. The lock keeps you out of the book without damaging it BUT if the lock is damaged it would be obvious. I no longer feel that I need to hide my journal to keep anyone from reading it but me. I can confidently leave it in plain sight and lock it now!” - Breon Fobbs

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NC Journal with Lock with Ballpoint Pen, $18.99

combination lock journal with world map design and wooden pen

A poet who has seen the world has plenty of inspiration, here’s a notebook that encompasses that. This lovely notebook with an image of a world map is made of high-quality PU leather that gives off a beautiful and unique texture and appearance. It comes with a ballpoint pen and refills to provide comfortable and smooth writing. Let your inner creative run wild within the pages of this notebook and look like an esteemed traveler while doing so.

What customers have to say:  “I'm a notebook collector and am inexplicably drawn to those with old maps on them. I am also an escape room enthusiast and can't help but appreciate designs with locks in them. For both of these reasons, this notebook cover really called out to me. I love the fact that it's refillable, so even when I fill the notebook inside, I can remove it and put in another of the same size. The lock is really easy to set, and the overall look and feel of the cover is great. Notebook: Since the notebook is replaceable and the cover is the long-term item here, the notebook didn't have to be anything special. But even still, it's a nice notebook with thick pages and a visually appealing design on the pages that matches the notebook well. Pen: The pen also matches the notebook well, with a light wood grain look to it, and writes nicely. It does indeed come with a refill, which is always appreciated, and fits perfectly in the pen loop within the cover. All in all, this notebook is a solid addition to my collection, a good buy for anyone who wants a notebook they can keep their thoughts safe within, and a good deal for a cover that can be refilled as many times as needed.” - Kristi Drillen

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Kwame Alexander’s Free Write: A Poetry Notebook, $12.99

Kwame Alexander's Free Write A Poetry Notebook for cretive writing beginners

Take writing lessons from New York Times Bestselling author, Kwame Alexander. If you or a loved one are thinking of being more creative this year and are unsure of where to get started, this book is great for beginners. This is great for any child that shows creative promise, help them get started, and spread their wings as a writer with this book.

What customers have to say:This book has so many interesting writing prompts. My 9year old has been writing in it and using these prompts and spouting the information in the book. I am always happy to find a way to get her inspired to write that does not involve nagging.” - Sarah.

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