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Meal Prep Made Easy!

Being busy doesn’t mean you need to skip eating healthy. Meal prepping makes it easy to have nutritious meals ready to go for your entire week. Make it even easier with the latest kitchen gadgets that will help you prepare your food in no time. Here are some of our top picks for the best stores to grab these items and anything else you might need to make meal prepping a breeze.


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Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver

clear produce container with green and white lid

Make sure the produce you use for meal prepping stays fresh before you cut it with this produce saver. The FreshVent filter never has to be replaced and regulates airflow to keep produce fresh longer. These containers are BPA-free and dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean come meal prep day.

Customer Review: Will probably buy another set. Everything that I store in them lasts and stays fresh - even mushrooms. Lettuce stays crisp. Very impressed. -Ryan Rosenberg

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WGCC Meal Prep Containers

a stack of black containers with clear lids

These reusable containers can hold all types of food and are perfect for meal prep. They’re leakproof, so you can just grab them and go, and they’re even microwave-safe, letting you heat up your food without dirtying any more dishes.

Customer Review: These are excellent quality and the perfect size. I prefer the open containers vs. the ones with sections. The top is very fitted, so no worries about leakage. I’ve ordered others that are too big or too small, these are just right. -Wendy Spencer

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PrepNaturals Vegetable Chopper with Container

green and grey vegetable chopper with vegetables around and in it

This chopper is a safe and easy way to chop vegetables quickly. It comes with two sizes of blades, and the chopped food goes directly into the built-in container, so no rogue pieces will make a mess on your kitchen counter.

Customer Review: The price for this chopper was perfect for what we were needing. Lots of cutting and chopping for cooking and this saves so much time. It makes big cubes and small cube cuts. It’s super easy to clean. And it is very sturdy. My husband slams it down when chopping onions and potato and no break yet. -Sash

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Container Store

The Container Store is your one-stop destination for organizing any room in your home and making your life easier. Their kitchen products are perfect for meal prepping. Get some today with MyUS Buying Assistant.

Re-Zip 1 cup Reusable Pkg/5 

5 colorful reusable zip up bags

Sandwich bags are great tools for meal prepping, but disposable ones aren’t very eco-friendly or cost-effective. Swap them for these reusable bags and use them to hold snacks and pre-portioned ingredients. They are even microwave and freezer safe and have a leakproof seal, making them even better than their disposable counterparts.

Customer Review: I have really been trying to lower my plastic waste. I was throwing away too many ziplock bags. I meal prep for breakfast smoothies and these are perfect for it! I really like these to other reusable bags because I can actually see what's inside. -NewHippie

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OXO Good Grips Prep & Go Silicone Squeeze Bottle Pkg/2

2 blue and white squeeze bottles

Don’t forget about the condiments! These squeeze bottles make it easy to store and transport salad dressings, sauces, and more, ensuring your pre-prepped meals are never boring.

Customer Review: I use it for my lunch. If I have a salad for lunch my dressing will go in it. If I have chicken I will add my ketchup. - Archierene

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Bormioli Rocco 17 oz. Quattro Stagioni Canning Jar 500 ml. Set of 4

a glass jar with a gold lid

Glass jars are another great meal-prepping tool. They can be used to make overnight oats and store premade salads. These jars come in a variety of sizes for all your meal prep needs.

Customer Review: I pack salads in the 34oz jars for lunch (dressing on bottom, toppings in layers in the middle, greens on top). It is the perfect size for an entree salad and saves loads of money versus fancy takeout salads. The glass jar and tight closing lid keeps them fresh for days - jendickinson

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Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel is best known for furniture, but they also have a great selection of kitchen items. Get these and more today with MyUS Buying Assistant.

Crate & Barrel Bamboo Digital Kitchen Scale

a brown bamboo kitchen scale with chocolate pieces on it

Use this kitchen scale while meal prepping to make sure all your ingredients are portioned correctly and rest easy knowing that you’ll have the perfect amount of food every time.

Customer Review: Very happy with this digital scale. I love the look, it is slim and can tuck away easily into our storage space but be easily accessible when we need to measure. -LizM

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Bentgo Original Grey All-in-One Lunch Box

parts of a grey bento lunch box

Pack your prepped lunch in this Bento-style lunch box. It comes with divided containers that easily separate different types of foods, a cutlery set, and a strap that keeps it all together snugly.

Customer Review: The Bentgo Classic has proven to be a reliable lunch box with its practical design and durable construction. The well-organized compartments make it easy to pack a variety of foods, and its sturdiness ensures long-lasting use. -Karispe

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Pyrex 20-Piece Glass Food Storage Set

10 glass food containers with grey lids

This glass storage set is ideal for storing pre-washed and pre-cut ingredients, allowing you to grab them when you’re ready to meal prep quickly. The variety of sizes in this set allows you to store all different kinds of foods, and since they’re made of glass, they are even microwave, freezer, and oven-safe. 

Customer Review: You know when you buy Pyrex, they are going to be a great quality food storage item. I really loved these because they came with all these wonderful sizes for different items in my kitchen. I love the grey top since it is a difficult color to find. It matches other dinnerware. -KIKO

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