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How to Take the Best Selfie

National Selfie Day is June 21, making now the perfect time to up your selfie game!

We've rounded up the latest selfie products that are guaranteed to help you elevate your selfies to new heights, and they can all be purchased and shipped from the US with MyUS Shopping's easy one-cart checkout!

Qiaya Selfie Light Ring $19.99

QIAYA Selfie light ring clipped on a black smartphone next to images taken at different brightness levels

Say goodbye to bad lighting situations and capture the selfies you want with the Selfie Light Ring from Qiaya. With three levels of brightness and an eccentric round design< that brightens and softens features, it's the hidden secret behind fantastic selfies!

"This selfie ring light is amazing! I even use it while I'm scoping on periscope and it makes me look on point and really enhances the experience! Also great for applying makeup for that perfect lighting! I highly recommend this item if you want to be photogenic every time no matter what!" says N. Mosher in their Amazon customer review.  

Wellerly LED Illuminated Selfie Light Up iPhone Case $16.99

Pink iPhone case with built-in LED lights shown from both front and back

Prefer your lighting to be built-in? Try Wellerly's LED Illuminated Selfie Light Up iPhone Case! Available in black or gold, it features built-in LED lights with five settings, for beautiful selfies anywhere, even when there's little to no natural light! Recharge with the included micro USB charging cord. Fits iPhone 8, 7, 6, and 6s plus.

"As a photographer I’ve found this case to be very handy! LEDs are bright and give great luminance to my photos and selfies!" says petitiesophisticate in their five-star review.

Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod $26.99

ATUMTEK's white and silver telescoping bluetooth selfie stick tripod shown in 3 positions

If your selfie stick is big and clunky, or you've been holding out for one that's compact and easy to throw into a purse or backpack, you'll love this 3-in-1 Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod from Atumtek. Made with Aeronautical grade aluminum and sporting a sleek design, it's portable, stylish, and surprisingly sturdy. It's only 7.7 inches when folded and 31.3 inches long when fully extended. Use it as a stable tripod or selfie stick, for selfies or group pictures at any angle.

"I love this Bluetooth Selfie Stick! I love how sleek it looks. I have seen others that just don't compare in looks. So A+ for design. The quality is also 10/10 it doesn't feel cheap on my hands, feels solid and expensive! This is also really easy to use and takes no time at all to figure it out. It extends a nice amount too, so you can get a shot with multiple people in! I cant wait to go on vacations with this!" says Chrystal in her online review.  

Bluetooth Camera Remote Shutter for Smartphones $10.89

Bluetooth camera remote shutter for smartphones shown with a phone on a tripod

If you have a standard tripod or prefer propping up your smartphone yourself, this Bluetooth Camera Remote Shutter for Smartphones make it possible for you to snap your shot from a distance of up to 30 feet! Budget-friendly and compact, they come in packs of two and are compatible with iPhone and Android phones and a wide range of devices.  

"Finally, a way to take a group photo with your camera phone without asking that stranger nearby to do it! These camera shutter remotes are so simple to set up because they’re Bluetooth. They’re super easy to use and lightweight so you can carry them anywhere. The range is fantastic (30 feet) so you can take a photo from far away. It takes a regular CR 2032 battery so it’s easy to change out. And it’s compatible with almost any type of phone." says Evette Rowley in her five-star Amazon review.  

Woofie the Pet Selfie & Portrait Tool $6.99

Woman and her dog posing for a selfie using the Woofie pet selfie tool to hold a treat on the phone

Make it easier to get the perfect selfie of your dog (or with your dog) with Woofie - The Pet Selfie & Portrait Tool! This ingenious little tool will hold your pet's favorite treat or food and easily attaches to a smartphone or tablet so you're guaranteed to have their full attention until you get the perfect shot!

"Such a simple device, but it really works! I can never get my dogs to look at the camera or sit long enough to get a picture. They don’t miss the treat that’s there. Sat still and watched that little bone!" says Pamela C. in her glowing online review. 

POSE!: 1,000 Poses for Photographers and Models $25.99

Woman modeling on cover of the paperback POSE!: 1,000 Poses for Photographers and Models

Whether you're looking for new ideas for your selfies or want to improve your overall photography skills, POSE!: 1,000 Poses for Photographers and Models is a must-have! It includes over 1,000 different looks and poses for you to recreate and experiment, detailing everything from hand and leg placement to subtle tilts of the chin and helpful props.

"This book completed my social media tool kit. Presentation is so important when it comes to holding the attention of your social media audience. Now, pictures get more attention than my inspirational quotes. I'm on another level with my photography." says Angela Washington in her online review. 

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