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Games Perfect For A Family Night In

Looking for a fun and inexpensive way to bring the family together? How about starting a weekly game night? Whether it’s a board game, card game, or something more interactive, there’s something fun and entertaining for every age and interest.

We’ve rounded up the best games for families with kids of all ages, and they can all be bought online with MyUS Shopping.

1. Guess Who? $10

Have younger kids? Guess Who is a classic board game for two players that keeps players guessing to find their opponent’s mystery character. Buy it here.

2. Googly Eyes Game $18

For lots of laughs, try Googly Eyes. It’s a family drawing game that has players wearing vision-altering goggles and trying to draw to earn points. Buy it here.

3. Blokus Strategy Game $16

Gather the family for this easy-to-learn and award winning game that has a short play time (average 30 minutes), takes only minutes to learn, and it promotes healthy brain activity. Buy it here.

4. Pandemic $36

A board game where the whole family plays as a team, either all winning, or all losing? Yes, and it’s super-fun too! Buy it here.

5. Skip Bo Card Game $7

Skip Bo delivers competitive fun by challenging players to build their own stacks of sequentially numbered, ascending cards. Buy it here.

6. Wonder Forge Richard Scarry's Busytown, Eye Found It $24

Richard Scarry’s Busytown with its colorful board is a favorite with the younger crowd of ages 3 and up, the games are relatively short, and parents won’t get bored playing along. Buy it here.  

7. Ticket to Ride $45

One of the most popular specialty games of all time, Ticket to Ride is great for teens and parents, and can be played as a nice family-friendly game or more cut-throat with players trying to block each other from completing their lines. Buy it here.

8. Sequence $17

Looking for a fun game for large groups and a variety of ages? Easy enough for kids and challenging enough for adults, Sequence can be enjoyed by players of multiple ages and is perfect for up to 12 players. Buy it here.

9. Suspend Family Game $14

Suspend is fun for all ages because it’s a simple game to learn with few rules, and it can be made as difficult or easy as you like. Buy it here.

10. Five Crowns Card Game $11

This five-suited rummy-style game with a rotating wild card is easy to learn and has won over 10 Best Game Awards, so you know it’s worth picking up! Buy it here.

11. Table Top Curling Game $24

Tired of the same old games? Try this new table top curling game that’s fun for kids, teens, and adults and will have you channeling your inner Olympian. Buy it here.

12. Not Parent Approved $25

Winner of Scholastic's Gold Star Toy Award, this card game was inspired by Cards Against Humanity, but for kids, so it’s 100% family friendly! Buy it here.

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