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Skip Dry Winter Skin With New Bath & Body Works Lotions

Bath and Body Works is famous for its lotions, but did you know they have a variety of other products to keep your skin nourished and hydrated? Get acquainted with all the types of products they have to offer and say goodbye to dry winter skin this year. Get these products and more with MyUS Buying Assistant today.

Daily Nourishing Body Lotion

white and red bottle of lotion

You can’t go wrong with the classic lotion from Bath and Body Works. Grab this staple in Japanese Cherry Blossom, one of their most popular scents, and keep your skin moisturized all day.

Customer Review: This is definitely a classic scent. Was gifted to my mom and she loved it. -Sonja Clay

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Ultimate Hydration Body Cream

blue and white lotion bottle

If you’re looking for a heavier moisturizer, the body cream is a great pick. It’s packed with ingredients like Vitamin E and aloe to keep skin hydrated. The Gingham scent is a popular favorite, with notes of white peach and clementine.

Customer Review: I love this body cream. It keeps me moisturized all day. -Paula Fo

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Moisturizing Body Lotion

purple lotion bottle

The lotions in the Aroma line are made with essential oils and come in a variety of scents for different needs. They also come in a bottle with a pump, making them easy to use whenever you need to. The Lavender Iris scent can be used for a calm and relaxing feeling.

Customer Review: I love the nice smell and feel of this lotion. I didn’t want anything too heavy and this is just right. So relaxing and calming, perfect. -Char1218

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Body Oil

brown and pink bottle of body oil

For ultimate hydration, using a body oil is the way to go. It provides maximum hydration and absorbs quickly into the skin. This Coco Shea Rich Moisture body oil has a nice coconut scent.

Customer Review: Have always loved the smell of this oil. I decided to purchase for myself as a Christmas present while purchasing other b&bw scents for others. It did not disappoint. It sinks in right away and I love the smell that continues all day for me. I have dry skin so it feels like I just left the spa. If you love coconut and moisture for your skin it's a definite get on my list! -Decorshopper

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Hand Cream

silver and blue hand cream tube with black lid

If you suffer from dry hands, this hand cream is a must-have. It’s made with hyaluronic acid to keep moisture locked in and leaves your hands feeling smooth and hydrated. 

Customer Review: I got this as as my choice in store for the birthday gift. Great hand cream and a light sweet floral scent that fades after awhile. I use this morning and night daily and it fits nicely in my bag. I've used other BBW hand creams and this is moisturizing. Makes my hand soft and the moisture lasts even in a Southern California winter. -IlkaBBW

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Body Butter

pink body butter tin with white lid

Body butter is another staple for extremely dry skin. Its thick consistency makes it ultra moisturizing. The Sensitive Skin with Colloidal Oatmeal Body Butter is great for sensitive skin. It’s lightly scented, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist-tested.

Customer Review: This winter weather has caused too much dryness to my normally oily and supple skin. Tried everything in the store (ok i’m exaggerating a little), but i honestly bought a lot of ultra super moisturizing creams and lotions. No success so i tried castor oil all over my body. It worked but i felt so sticky all day long. So i tried this new formula from BBW. And it delivered!!!!! I will order more, just waiting for sale 🤩 - IM2PetiteToQuit

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Face Moisturizer

brown, black, and blue face moisturizer bottle

This moisturizer is specifically made for the face. It’s lightweight but hydrating and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. It contains lavender and sage for a light, clean scent.

Customer Review: I am enjoying this product. It leaves my face feeling soft and smooth. As older woman who is a homesteader, I was worried about the money spent, but it was a very good deal and actually helped my face. -Namaw

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Body Wash

white and blue body wash bottle

Go beyond lotion and keep your skin hydrated with hydrating body wash. This body wash has moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter to keep dry skin away. The scent At the Beach is a beachy mix of frangipani blossoms, toasted coconut, and bergamot waters.

Customer Review: This is an awesome moisturizing body wash. It does the job and your skin feels soft & clean afterwards. The "At the Beach" scent is a beautiful, tropical, floral that stands the test of time. I hope it remains part of the BBW core line forever. This is one of several scents that I buy every single form and product in. You can't go wrong with this product or scent. -Moll_Doll

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Nourishing Lip Mask

orange lip mask tin

You can’t forget about your lips! This lip mask is extra hydrating and can be used overnight or throughout the day. Use it after an exfoliating lip scrub for even softer lips.

Customer Review: Best thing I ever purchased for my lips! They feel so soft, makes my lips look great and kissable. -Lundon.

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