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Countdown to Barbie Buzz: Must-Have Merch

Remember those days of endless imagination, where we would spend hours dressing up our beloved Barbie dolls in fabulous outfits and creating vibrant worlds for them to explore?

Well, get ready to embark on a nostalgic journey down memory lane because the wait is almost over! On July 21, the highly anticipated new Barbie movie starring the gorgeous Margot Robbie and the exceptional Ryan Gosling will grace our screens, and fans worldwide are excited.

To make the countdown even more exciting, MyUS Shopping has unveiled a delightful range of Barbie dolls and merchandise for you to relive the magic before the movie's release. Join us as we dive into a world of dreams and possibilities, exploring the top Barbie products you simply can't miss!

Dreamhouse Doll Set, $190

A little girl sitting next to a pink and purple 3-story Barbie dollhouse

Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Barbie with an enchanting Barbie Dreamhouse doll set. Featuring Barbie and her best friends, this collection embodies the spirit of friendship, fun, and fashion. Each doll boasts trendy outfits, delightful accessories, and fully poseable bodies, allowing for endless imaginative play. You or your little ones can later recreate memorable scenes from the movie or invent your own magical tales with these iconic characters by your side.

What Customers Have to Say: "“My daughter saved up for months to be able to buy this for herself and she’s super happy and plays with it all the time. Sturdy, great quality and with lots of details. Very satisfied.” – lidia.moas

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Fashionista Ultimate Closet, $37

A Barbie doll in a floral romper standing next to a pink Barbie closet filled with clothes and accessories

Unlock the realm of Barbie fashion with the ultimate Barbie fashionista closet that every modern doll can’t go without. This stylish and compact wardrobe holds a myriad of trendy outfits and chic accessories for Barbie. Mix and match to create countless dazzling looks, from glamorous red carpet ensembles to casual everyday fashion. With this ultimate closet, your imagination is the only limit when it comes to creating a fashion-forward Barbie doll!

What Customers Have to Say“I bought this for my little sisters birthday and she's been playing with it everyday since! Everything has held up nicely and all the clothes are put together great. I always trust Mattel when it comes to gifts for children!” – Jameson Verasso

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Barbie Color Reveal Doll, $14

A Color Reveal Barbie Doll cylinder box with 5 Barbie dolls in different colors next to it

Prepare to be amazed by the captivating surprise hidden within the Barbie Color Reveal doll – probably the best gift ever, even for grown-up Barbie fans! Dip her into warm water, and her monochrome outfit transforms into vibrant hues, revealing a stunning and unique design. Each doll comes with additional accessories and a mystery pet, adding an extra layer of excitement to the unboxing experience. This is truly an item that will unleash the magic of color before your eyes. 

What Customers Have to Say: “I bought this as a gift from my granddaughter and she loves it. She loves mermaids and the color changing barbies so it fit all her likes. Great quality!” – Jamee Fitch

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Barbie Camper Van, $97

A fully-equipped pink Barbie camper van with a sliding pool and 3 Barbie dolls

Is your Barbie doll a thrill seeker? Set off on unforgettable adventures with the Barbie camper van - a fully equipped vehicle that will help Barbie and her friends travel in style and comfort. With multiple play areas, including a toilet, dining table, and a sliding pool, this camper van is the epitome of luxury on wheels. Let your imagination soar as you create stories of Barbie's escapades, exploring new destinations and making core memories.

What Customers Have to Say: “Kids really enjoyed it" - LW

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Barbie Career Dolls, $30

Two scientist Barbie dolls in lab coats standing next to a lab research playset

You can choose to empower the young dreamer within you or your child with a career Barbie doll by showing them that beauty and brains do go hand in hand. Discover a range of dolls representing different professions, such as doctors, scientists, astronauts, and more. These dolls encourage girls and boys alike to believe in themselves and pursue their ambitions fearlessly. Sparking the imagination and inspiring aspirations, these career dolls remind us that with determination and passion, we can achieve anything.

What Customers Have to Say: "Guys stop pondering this purchase and just do it. Has epically changed movie nights for us! Be aware that you will need a Roku or fire stick to use with Netflix or other streaming devices! Also the speaker is loud but you’ll probably still want to invest in a sound bar. This is a crowd pleaser !" - soleil

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Barbie Magical Unicorn Styling Head, $30

A Barbie Dreamtopia unicorn styling head set box with a small comb and several colorful hair accessories

Finally, you, too, can feel like a Barbie doll and a unicorn! Enter a world of enchantment and imagination with the Barbie Magical Unicorn Styling Headset. You can create marvelous hairstyles using colorful extensions, glittery hair accessories, and magical unicorn horns. Unleash your inner hairstylist and explore endless possibilities as you transform the unicorn’s magical hair into a masterpiece.  Oh, and about the “you too” part? Who says you cannot use those accessories on yourself? Exactly!

What Customers Have to Say: “My little 5 year old cousin loves it!! Its very pretty and kept her busy. Only thing is I wish the hair/mane was more durable. The thin plastic stings get frayed way to quick.” – Christine Beal

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As the release of the new Barbie movie draws near, the excitement in the air is palpable, and we tried our best to offer you a range of captivating Barbie dolls and merchandise that will transport you to a world of fashion, friendship, and endless possibilities.

Whether you relish reliving your childhood memories or want to introduce the magic of Barbie to a new generation, these products are a perfect choice. So, seize the opportunity to embark on a journey of imagination, where dreams come true, and adventures await at every turn.

Come on, Barbie, let’s go shopping!

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