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MyUS Announces a New & Improved Shopping Experience for Users

Shop various high-quality US brands in our new and improved MyUS Shopping experience. Our updates now give customers access to a wide variety of top-quality products, with delivery nearly anywhere in the world. Shop thousands of US products, take advantage of sales and promotions and get MyUS great international shipping rates at checkout.

Three Ways to Shop

Our team of developers and innovative thinkers have formulated a new way to shop and are continuously committed to providing the fastest shipping options. Here are the features we developed to provide users with a unique unified shopping experience on MyUS Shopping:

On-Site MyUS Shopping:

There's no need to open several different browser windows to find the items you need.

You can now shop on Amazon, MyUS Marketplace, MyUS Outlet, eBay, and Wal-Mart from our MyUS shopping website. Enter a specific keyword, browse through available options, and purchase products at the same prices you would find on their websites.

By consolidating marketplaces directly on MyUS Shopping, we can help make the shopping experience easier for users. No need to do extensive searching; find the products you need quickly and effectively by clicking through the available marketplaces and utilizing our keyword search tool.  

Our on-site shopping feature will also help you find the best price available. Comparison Shop searches between significant retailers to find your requested products at the lowest price available.

MyUS Buying Assistant:

There may be a time when you've found a product not directly located on our on-site shopping platform. But that's okay. We'll still help you purchase that product with our MyUS Buying Assistant. 

If you have a product, you want to buy, copy the URL link and paste it into our MyUS Buying Assistant search bar. Give us as many details as possible to narrow the search to find your desired product. Information like the product name, unit price, how many you'd like to order, the color, size, and any other additional details you deem relevant to the form. 

Once you've located the product, add it to your online cart and proceed to checkout.

MyUS will then purchase the product from the original online retailer and deliver it right to your doorstep! 

Shop US Stores via Category:

Browse conveniently between available US stores through our Shop Now Categories. Narrow down your search by stores to find specific products you're looking for. You can also filter your search down to in-store departments, review ratings, and brands to help you find the highest-quality product needed. 

What Does This Mean For MyUS Customers?

These tools provide an at-ease shopping experience for US brands and products that may be hard to find in your current region or location. Shop all your favorite US stores in one place, and you’ll receive them within a few days! Our new and improved MyUS Shopping platform has streamlined three easy ways for you to shop online.

About MyUS Shopping

MyUS Shopping was created to eliminate the frustrations many global customers face when checking out on multiple US websites and the high cost of shipping directly from stores. MyUS Shopping is backed by over 25 years of international eCommerce experience and boasts an expert packing team that will combine your purchases into one box. 

MyUS Shopping makes it easy to get what you want from many popular American stores and many more!