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Enjoy the 2022 Qatar World Cup Finals In Style

The 2022 World Cup is set to be one of the most expensive tournaments ever, with some estimates suggesting that it will cost $14 billion USD. And it's always one of the most watched events. The tournament's group stage held a cumulative crowd of over 2.45 million spectators, and the numbers are speculated to go as high as 5 billion for TV viewers worldwide!

As many are glued to their TVs, impatiently waiting for the finale on December 18, the shopping craze is getting out of hand, and people are buying all sorts of merchandise to support their country's (or their favorite) team and other requisites to make their experience all the better.

This is the first time the FIFA World Cup tournament has been held in Asia, and the tournament's finals will take place in Doha, Qatar's capital city. In the spirit of being good sports, fans welcomed this as a chance for Qatar to showcase its beauty and culture to the world.

The winner is already among the eight remaining teams. So, if you happen to support Morocco, Croatia, England, France, Portugal, Brazil, the Netherlands, or Argentina, this blog post is for you.

We've created a list of things you can buy with MyUS to support your favorite team and maximize your experience as an avid watcher.

2022 World Cup Fan Jerseys, $15.99

Soccer jerseys for 2022 FIFA World Cup

Jerseys are a definite must-have for soccer fans. You'll be surprised by these soccer jerseys' quality and affordable prices. For instance, you can order an official world cup fan jersey online and have it shipped to your address in time for the final game (if your team makes it that far)! 

This specific jersey is 100% polyester, machine washable, quick-drying, breathable, and comfortable. On top of all that, it's incredibly affordable. So do you need more convincing?

Soccer Ball Blanket, $22

large blanket with soccer ball pattern drapped over bed

Feeling cozy and comfortable during the games is of utmost importance! And while we know that some can't keep calm while their team is playing, an adorable soccer ball blanket for you or your soccer-loving children is a great piece to get you in the cheering spirit.
From this particular store, you can choose from 10 different colors/patterns and three different sizes. The soft, polyester blanket is shrinking-resistant, anti-fade, and anti-pilling, so your youngest ones can play with it or carry it around like a cape as much as they want.
Other times, you can snuggle with them under it during the cold winter days.

World Cup Stainless Steel Beer Cup, $18

gold and green stainless steel beer cup on a marble-like floor

What's the World Cup without some beer? And a special occasion like your team making it to the finals deserves a special soccer beer cup. See, World Cup – beer cup; they were meant to go together. The uniquely-designed cup holds up to 16.9 ounces (500ml) of beer, is resistant to high or low temperatures, and has a thick but practical design that makes it easy to hold but harder to spill because the designers had kept in mind that people do get passionate and carried away when their team is about to score.

"It's an interesting cup for the football season. I like the design, although I find it kinda funny. Bought 3 for the mates and myself. Would recommend." – John K.

96 Pcs World Cup Party Supplies, $23

Soccer and flag themed colorful party supplies set consisting of regular and dessert plates, napkins, and forks

A little party is a great way to gather and watch the tournament progress, so call up your friends and enjoy the 2022 Qatar World Cup finals by celebrating the teams that have made your days a little more exciting this fall.

We recommend these colorful and fun soccer-themed World Cup party supplies to go with your other soccer requisites, and all you have to do is grab some snacks from the nearest market (or have your friends bring some).

The 96-pieces set consists of 24 dinner plates, 24 dessert plates, 24 napkins, and 24 forks, so there are enough supplies for plenty of people!

"Very sturdy plates and forks, and just the right amount of festive without being over the top." – Elizabeth Mays

2022 World Cup Group Poly Flag, $7

Red and white Qatar World Cup groups poly flag

If you don't feel like spending a lot of money and throwing a party, and you'd rather enjoy the games alone with just an item or two to keep the soccer spirit alive, the 2022 World Cup groups poly flag is the perfect buy.

This 60 "L x 36 "W flag comes in 3 different designs, and you can mount it on your living room or bedroom wall as a decorative piece that you can easily take down later and save as a reminder of one of the most exciting (and watched) World Cups we've witnessed.

"I wasn't expecting such quality for the discounted price, but I was pleasantly surprised. The flag is big and thick, and the colors are strong! It was an unexpectedly amazing purchase." – sonyxml3

These are just some of the incredible items you can find on MyUS Shopping that can help you and your loved ones celebrate your favorite soccer team! 

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