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All the Essentials for Your Pet

Whether you're welcoming a new member to your family, or just want to treat your current fuzzy friend with new stuff, you'll find all your essential pet products in Marketplace! Give them all the comfort and care they deserve with a new toy, bed, water fountain, or brush.

These pet accessories below are just a small glimpse of the great stuff you can find, so shop Marketplace now to find what your dog or cat wants. With a worldwide delivery and a simple checkout, MyUS Shopping makes it easy for pets around the world!

Dig & Burrow Lounger $45

A Petmate Dig & Burrow Lounger with a dark grey exterior and light grey interior padding

Is your pet tossing and turning and hogging all the space in your bed? Give them their own space to lounge and sleep with this Dig & Burrow Lounger. Its high loft polyester fiberfill provides a raised and cozy spot for your cats and dogs. Also, the bed can stand up to you your pets need to dig, knead, scratch, and burrow.

Furbuster Cat Deshedding Tool $15.13

A white Petmate Furbuster Cat Deshedding Tool with a silver shedding edge and a blue handle

Most cat's can take care of grooming by themselves, but if your cat has long hair and is going through a tough shedding period, try this Furbuster Deshedding Tool. The ergonomic rubber handle supports a soft and comfortable grip as it remove tangles from their fur without stressing them out.

Jackson Galaxy Ground Wand $14.66 

A Petmate Jackson Galaxy Ground Wand with a green handle, black nylon cord, and red, grey, and brown compressed catnip toys

Your cats will enjoy the thrill of the hunt with this Jackson Galaxy Ground Wand. With a telescoping wand handle and the fun shapes at the end of the cable, your cat will be unable to resist pouncing and chasing! You can make it even more exciting by adding catnip attachments.

Handy Stand Litter Scoop $10

A grey plastic Petmate Handy Stand Litter Scoop with paper packaging

It’s important to promote a healthy pet environment and nothing is more vital than this Handy Stand Litter Scoop. With a slotted scoop and convenient stand, you can leave this nearby to quickly clean up their litterbox as needed—no need to hunt around. Keep their bathroom area clean and sanitary!

Metallic Cat Bell $3

A pair of blue and green Petmate Metallic Cat Bells with gold attachment loops

Keep track of your cat without needing to add security cameras everywhere—just get this Metallic Cat Bell. It features a harmonious chime that can alert you if their nearby, or if they're not! In case your cat frequently hides and jumps out at you, or gets lost on their walks, attach a little bell to their collar and let the jingle keep them safe!

Fresh N' Floss 3Knot Tug $11

A Spearmint Petmate Fresh N’ Floss 3Knot Tug with blue and yellow paper packaging

Dogs love to pull and tug on toys. Combine rough play with teeth cleaning and with the Fresh N’ Floss 3Knot Tug. They will enjoy tugging on the cotton strands that double as a fresh spearmint-flavored teeth and gums cleaner and freshens the breath. 

Adjustable Fashion Dog Collar $5

A blue Petmate Adjustable Fashion Dog Collar with dark blue and white stripes

For a fashion statement, try this Fashion Collar. Choose between various patterns and colors, such as stripe blue, pink/purple, and dot blue. The collar is adjustable to fit various dog breeds and sizes so everyone can be dashing and handsome!

Mason Gravity Feeder $20

A Petmate Mason Gravity Feeder with a glass mason jar, silver cap, and grey plastic bowl

Need a place to store and easily dispense treats or dog food? Reduce food refill time—and add some charm to your home décor—with this Mason Gravity Feeder. Simply fill up the open-bottom mason jar, lock it into place, and because it automatically replenishes the bowl, you'll only need to refill when the jar is empty! Fill it up with your dog’s favorite kibble or treats. 

Fresh Flow II Fountain $40

A dark grey plastic Fresh Flow II Fountain with a clear tank and water streaming into the tray

Save time while still providing your favorite furry friend with crisp, fresh water every time using the Fresh Flow II Fountain. It circulates refreshing filtered water throughout the day without making much noise. Each cycle provides oxygenated water for better pet health and well-being. It’s the perfect station to hydrate multiple pets in a busy households.

Softbite Turbo Disc $9.99

A purple Petmate Softbite Turbo Disc with pink bones and words “Booda” on the sides inside blue and orange packaging that shows a cartoon dog in aviator gear

Frisbees are the go-to item for outdoor activities. Easily teach your dogs how to fetch with the Softbite Turbo Disc. Made with soft and lightweight material, your dog will get the perfect amount of exercise as this brightly-colored disc flies by! 

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